Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam Questions Are Online For Reading

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam Questions Are Online For Reading

To be a Field Service Lightning Consultant can successfully administer and configure a Salesforce application that meets customer field service operation requirements. But passing Field Service Lightning Consultant exam is not easy, additionally, candidates need to spend a lot time in preparation. Do now worry, Field Service Lightning Consultant exam questions as the best exam materials have been released by ITExamShop experts. They collected all valid and verified practice exam questions and answers in Field Service Lightning Consultant pdf file, you can read and prepare the actual exam well.

Field Service Lightning Consultant Free Questions also have been collected online for reading:

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1. Universal container want technician using the field service lightning mobile app to indicate when service appointment is at risk

What should be a consultant recommended to meet the requirements?

2. Universal Containers wants to invoice its Customer for the parts used when performing repairs on installed Assets .

What should a Consultant recommend to track the price of the parts consumed?

3. Universal Containers (UC) has enabled Salesforce Field Service and installed the managed package. UC wants to ensure that Technicians can update their own appointments’ status using the Dispatcher console Gantt chart.

Which steps should the Consultant take to meet these requirements?

4. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to improve overall responsiveness to customers.

Which Dispatch technique should the Consultant implement to provide the greatest schedule flexibility?

5. What are the two benefits of using field service lightning apps instead of Salesforce mobile apps? Choose 2 answers

6. A Field Service Technician wants to view a list of parts consumed during a given time period. The Technician will then use the data to replenish inventory on the truck .

Which three steps should a Consultant recommend to track the number of parts consumed? Choose 3 answers.

7. Containers wants to offer their Field Technicians a more limited view of Work Orders and Service Appointments in the Field Service mobile app compared to their Dispatchers .

What should a Consultant recommend so the Field Technician sees only the necessary fields?

8. In the dispatch Console, when viewing the Map, which three data elements can be presented to the Dispatcher? Choose 3 answers

9. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to report on its Assets and reflect their attributes including hierarchical relationships.

How should the Consultant meet this requirement?

10. Universal Containers wants to offer customers a Maintenance Plan that provides 12 monthly checkups. The customer will call to schedule each visit.

How should a Consultant configure the Maintenance Plan to meet this requirement?


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