Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam ADM-201 Updated Practice Questions

Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam ADM-201 Updated Practice Questions

For all ADM-201 customers, you need to come back to get the updated ADM-201 practice questions to prepare for Salesforce Certified Administrator exam today. We have updated ADM-201 exam questions recently. The newest version of Salesforce ADM-201 practice exam contains 361 practice questions with the verified answers. The difference between the new version and the old version is more accurate ADM-201 exam questions have been released. The experienced team have corrected the wrong answers and collected all the new ADM-201 exam questions for all.

Please read new Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM-201 free questions to Check the new version.

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1. When users log In to Salesforce via the user interface, which two settings does the system check for authentication? Choose 2 answers

2. A new sales rep at Ursa Major Solar has a qualified lead that is ready for conversion.

When using the Lead conversion process, which two records can be created? Choose 2 answers

3. The administrator at Ursa Major Solar has just finished creating new hot Account reports that filter Accounts that were modified this year with a rating of hot. The report was shared with the entire sales team. Some users are seeing some Accounts that have NOT been modified since last year and other Accounts where the rating is cold.

What should the administrator do to ensure that the report works as intended for all users?

4. Universal Containers wants to provide reseller partners with discounted prices on the products they purchase.

How should an administrator configure this requirement? Calculator

5. A system administrator wants to ensure that unique data is always input into a specific field.

Which two field properties should be configured? Choose 2 answers

6. Ursa Major Solar’s support team currently has a very high call volume. They want to decrease this volume by creating a sell-service community that will best published articles with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and provide a chat with Help Desk representatives

Which two features should be used to fulfill this goal? Choose 2 answers

7. Universal Containers has a new sales rep who will be responsible for the government vertical. All existing government accounts should be moved to the new rep using mass transfer for accounts.

Which two records will also transferred from the current account owner to the new rep in this scenario? Choose 2 answers

8. A sales ops user has been identified as the dashboards expert within Cloud Kicks. This user needs to be able to update dashboard folder access for all non-private folders.

Which permission should the administrator assign to the user?

9. The administrator creates a validation rule that will require a custom text field called "Details" be updated based on the value of another picklist field called "Status."

Which two actions should the administrator take before activating the validation rule? Choose 2 answers

10. A Sales executive at Universal Containers (UC) is utilizing Collaborative Forecasting to track sales rep quote attainment and wants to be alerted when an opportunity stage is moved backward In the sales process.

Which feature should the administrator use to fulfill this request?


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