Salesforce Certification B2B Commerce Developer Real Exam Questions – 100% Pass Materials

Salesforce Certification B2B Commerce Developer Real Exam Questions – 100% Pass Materials

B2B Commerce Developer Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer certification exam is designed for individuals who have experience with the B2B Product from a Developer perspective. Most candidates want to be B2B Commerce Developer certified to prove they have abilities to complete the related works. Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Real Exam Questions provided by the ITExamShop should be 100% pass materials. The experts have verified B2B Commerce Developer Real Exam Questions and answers so, the Q&As are 100% valid. Learn all the Salesforce Certification B2B Commerce Developer real exam questions to ensure first attempt success.

First come here to read B2B Commerce Developer free questions below:

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1. Which two aspects are applicable to Page Includes? (2 answers)

2. What are three ways to test the value of Page Label on any Salesforce B2B Commerce Community Page? (3 answers)

3. Which three statements are true regarding event handling in the Salesforce B2B Commerce managed package? (3 answers)

4. Numerous flags when set, have a direct impact on the result set provided by the Global API's.

Which conversion flag allows for sObjects to be returned from the Global API's when provided as a Boolean parameter with a value of true?

5. Where are handlebar Templates defined in the Cloud craze managed package?

6. Which twousages of ccLog should be avoided in Salesforce B2B Commerce? (2 answers)

7. What two kinds of queries do the methods in Salesforce B2B Commerce services perform by default? (2 answers)

8. Which Global JavaScript Object should be extended when writing custom Remote Actions?

9. Which three actions are applicable when extendinga default Salesforce B2B Commerce page via a page include? (3 answers)

10. A user wants to leverage a three column layout on a page. The user also wants to move the mini-cart widget from the right to the center column.

How can this requirement be fulfilled?


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