Real Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Questions For Good Preparation

Real Experience Cloud Consultant Exam Questions For Good Preparation

Why choosing to be an Experience Cloud Consultant certified? It is for individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, configuring, building, and implementing Salesforce Experience applications, using the declarative customization capabilities of the Experience platform. We have real Experience Cloud Consultant exam questions to help you do good preparation. Using ITExamShop Experience Cloud Consultant exam questions and answers is the easiest way to prepare for the Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant Exam. We ensure your success in the first attempt in Experience Cloud Consultant exam.

Read free questions of Experience Cloud Consultant practice exam for checking:

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1. By defining roles, permission sets, or profiles, Knowledge article visibility can be controlled by using which functionality?

2. Northern trail Outfitters hascreated a microsite digital experience for its Gold-Level VIP customers. The digital experience is not yet actives.

The community manager would like to send welcome emails on a specific day, which include a promotion for participating in the community.

In which order should the community manager perform activation steps?

3. The system administrator at Get Cloudy Consulting is trying to import Customer Portal users to the newly created Experience Cloud. However, the import failed.

What could be two reasons for this failure? Choose 2 answers

4. Ursa Major Solar has a customer portal where both customersand employees can log in to view information about the company. The marketing team has created a special design of their lago and company branding for their Platinum customers, and would like the user interface in the portal to reflect that special design when a Platinum Calculator customer is logged in.

Which functionality should the Experience Cloud manager use to achieve this?

5. The Salesforce Administrator at Ursa Major Solar is trying to create a partner user for their Partner Community that was built using Salesforce Experience Builder. However, the admin is not able to create it from the contact record.

What could be two reason causing this issue? Choose 2 answers

6. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is evaluating Experience Cloud forcreating an onboarding app for new hires .

Which two things should NTO consider when creating the onboarding app? Calculator Choose 2 answers

7. Insightopia is planning to create a high-performance site for its partners. The Home page will feature multiple custom component that will provide insights and trends along with near real-time updates.Which template should Insightopia consider for its site?

8. Which step denotes the completion of an Experience Cloud site setup?

9. In which two ways can Opportunities with a Community User be shared? Choose 2 answers Calculator

10. What is a prerequisite for creating a user that has a Partner Community license?


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