Real DES-1111 Exam Questions – Achieve Success in Passing DELL EMC DES-1111 Exam

Real DES-1111 Exam Questions – Achieve Success in Passing DELL EMC DES-1111 Exam

It is necessary to pass DES-1111 Specialist – Technology Architect. PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions Exam to earn the Specialist -Technology Architect, PowerMax and VMAX All FlashSolutions Version 1.0 certification. The key question is how to pass DES-1111 exam successfully and achieve success? Choosing real DES-1111 exam questions of ITExamShop may be the most effective way to prepare for DELL EMC DES-1111 exam. Real DES-1111 exam questions of ITExamShop are authentic and reliable in which the information is provided in great detail to ensure that candidates are successful.

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1. SRDF/A has been enabled between two PowerMax arrays. An extended loss of all RDF links occurs.

What is the state of the RDF pair after link connectivity is restored?


An architect is configuring BCSD to design SRDF/S between two new PowerMax arrays. The architect has completed the tasks for the local side of the solution, including RA Port Group, Replication Group, and site switch.

What is the correct order of steps the architect needs to take to complete the SRDF setup?

3. A storage administrator is provisioning storage on a PowerMax 2000 array. The application requires fast reads and the highest possible data protection.

Which RAID level should be recommended?

4. What needs to be created in BCSD to link multiple SRDF/A sessions?


Match each SRDF command with its function.

6. What is required before a port can be disassociated from an FA emulation on a PowerMax?

7. Which SRDF/A resiliency feature allows sessions to remain active during transient link outages?


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