Real CyberArk Defender Exam Questions CAU201 Study Guide Online

Real CyberArk Defender Exam Questions CAU201 Study Guide Online

Earning CyberArk Defender certification helps the cerfied candidates demonstrate competency to maintain day-to-day operations and support the on-going performance of the CyberArk Privileged Access Management Solution. When preparing for CAU201 CyberArk Defender certification exam, you will be suggested to choose the real CAU201 study guide to learn the real CyberArk Defender Exam Questions. CyberArk CAU201 real exam questions of ITExamShop as they may be the top-rated CAU201 preparation materials that come with verified answers and will not just enable you to in mastering the real CyberArk Defender exam questions in the initially try but in addition provide you with the ideal possibility to clear all of your doubts about CyberArk Defender Level 2 CAU201 exam.

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1. Which report could show all accounts that are past their expiration dates?

2. You are creating a Dual Control workflow for a team’s safe.

Which safe permissions must you grant to the Approvers group?


Arrange the steps to restore a Vault using PARestore for a Backup in the correct sequence.

4. Which Master Policy Setting must be active in order to have an account checked-out by one user for a pre-determined amount of time?

5. tsparm.ini is the main configuration file for the Vault.

6. Which utilities could you use to change debugging levels on the vault without having to restart the vault. Select all that apply.

7. You have been asked to secure a set of shared accounts in CyberArk whose passwords will need to be used by end users. The account owner wants to be able to track who was using an account at any given moment.

Which security configuration should you recommend?

8. CyberArk recommends implementing object level access control on all Safes.

9. As long as you are a member of the Vault Admins group you can grant any permission on any safe.

10. You have associated a logon account to one your UNIX cool accounts in the vault. When attempting to [b]change [/b] the root account’s password the CPM will…..


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