Real Certified Business Analyst Practice Exam Together With Valid Exam Questions and Answers [2022]

Real Certified Business Analyst Practice Exam Together With Valid Exam Questions and Answers [2022]

Earning Salesforce Certified Business Analyst certification proves that you understand business needs, capture requirements, and collaborate with stakeholders to support the development of Salesforce solutions that drive business improvements. Candidates are required to earn the Administrator certification as the prerequisite, then pass the Certified Business Analyst exam successfully. Real Certified Business Analyst practice exam of ITExamShop together with valid exam questions and answers ensure that you can pass the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam successfully on the first attempt.

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1. When creating a new User how can the Admin make sure a temporary password is generated?

2. Which of the following User Management terms is best described by this definition: " Record created to identify a new employee that starts accessing Salesforce"

3. What is the storage of the Developer Pro Sandbox?

4. Is the following a benefit of implementing Process Mapping? Spot and resolve flaws in the project early on.

5. 1.Which users will be able to reset a Single Sign-On user Password?

6. Which permission is required to create, delete, refresh or activate a Sandbox?

7. Which of the salesforce app providers will be able to unlock a locked user with their phones?

8. A business analyst (BA) is compiling a list of subject matter experts to consult throughout the discovery for a new Service Cloud implementation.

What is the primary value of the BA speaking with customer service reps?

9. What is used to declaratively move metadata from one environment to another?

10. A business analyst has been tasked with leading prototype efforts for a Salesforce project.

What is a prototype?


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