Read OmniStudio Consultant Sample Questions To Check Real OmniStudio Consultant Practice Exam

Read OmniStudio Consultant Sample Questions To Check Real OmniStudio Consultant Practice Exam

Real OmniStudio Consultant practice exam from ITExamShop is great online with actual questions and answers to help you prepare for Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant Exam well. We have collected 109 Q&As based on the OmniStudio Consultant exam outline to help you achieve the goal and, you can prove your abilities of possessing facilitation and consultative skills at a technical level. Before getting the full version of real OmniStudio Consultant practice exam to learn the Q&As with the pdf file, you can read OmniStudio Consultant sample questions first.

Below are the free questions of OmniStudio Consultant, you can read as the sample questions to check the quality.

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1. A company has designed a process that extracts a large amount of data from a Salesforce object. Due to the volume of data that will be retrieved, it is important that Governor limits are not exceeded.

What solution should the consultant recommend?

2. Which OmniScript element can be used to retrieve data from more than one source?

3. A company needs an OmniScript to allow customers to order products and services from their website. After the order is submitted, the customer should be able to download a PDF summary of the order.

What type of DataRaptor should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

4. A company implements an integration procedure that is invoked from an OmniScript. The integration procedure includes a recommend to improve performance and address users concerns

Which feature should the consultant recommend to improve performance and address users concerns?

5. A company has an existing OmniScript running in production. The business decides additional customer information is needed and wants to add more questions to the process.

What is the most efficient approach that the consultant can recommend to the business to meet this requirement?

6. A business wants to add typeahead functionality to an existing OmniScript. The business wants the user to begin entering the name of a contact in Salesforce. and allow the user to select the contact once it has found a match. Once the contact has been selected, the OmniScript should retrieve the contact's email address for use in a later step of the process.

What data source is needed when using the TypeAhead element?

7. A business wants to create an OmniScript that allows call center agents to schedule field service appointment customers. The process needs to retrieve available appointment dates from an external system via a REST A[ and then display them to the user for selection in a dropdown list. Once the user selects a date, a confirmatic should display with rich text and images.

Which three OmniScript elements should be used to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers

8. A business has a project that must be completed soon in order to meet important deadlines. However, the developer on the project has left the company, and the new team on the project has decided to use OmniStudio tools. The development work completed so far was done using APEX code.

The new team must complete the project following these guidelines:

• Minimize implementation time

• Ensure end-user processes are as simple as possible

• Find a way to ensure optimal UX

In this scenario, what two actions should the consultant recommend to the project team? Choose 2 answers

9. A company has a legacy application to display customer information. The application currently uses custom CS / HTML to display information in the company's color scheme and fonts. The application also provides users will access to more than 25 processes. Recently, a new project was started to build a 360° view using FlexCards to replace the legacy application.

In this scenario, which three FlexCard features should the consultant recommend? Choose 3 answers

10. When a customer calls to add a new primary contact to their account, call center agents need to complete a I contact form. The agent enters the new contact information using an OmniScript and then needs to generate PDF with the contact information pre-filled that can be shared with the customer.

Which OmniStudio tool should the consultant recommend to generate the pre-filled PDF'


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