Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam QSBA2021 Latest Exam Questions and Answers [2022]

Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam QSBA2021 Latest Exam Questions and Answers [2022]

Earning Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification required to take QSBA2021 Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification Exam – February 2021 Release exam successfully. But how do achieve success? We have the QSBA2021 latest exam questions and answers to be your good preparation materials for 100% passing. ITExamShop is not only providing you with the latest QSBA2021 exam questions but makes your preparation easy. This is why we offer QSBA2021 exam questions in a pdf file that is compatible with all the smart devices. You can instantly download the pdf file and learn the QlikView QSBA2021 questions and answers on your PC, laptop, Mac, tablet, and smartphone right after the purchase.

Before Downloading QSBA2021 PDF File, Just Read Qlik QSBA2021 Free Demo Questions First

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1. Refer to the exhibit.





A business analyst needs to load several data files and notices that some of the values for the United States of America are formatted inconsistently.

What should the business analyst do?

2. A business analyst creates an app for a large retailer. The app is based on me past ^2 months of transactional data in CSV formal

After successfully demonstrating the app the retailer provides a tile that contains another seven years of data

After the new datais loaded the previously responsive app takes 10 times longer to respond to users' selections. The app has many complex expressions

Which two actions should the business analyst take to resolve the issues? (Select two)

3. A business analyst is creating an app that requires several visualizations

• A scatter plot mat shows the margin percentage and total sales by product category

• A map with a the layer that visualizes lines between retail stores and lactones

• A KPI that shows total cost

Margin% can be calculated by dividing profit by revenue Profit is the difference between total cost and total sates

Which two sets of fields can the business analyst use to meet these requirements? (Select two.)

4. Refer to the exhibits.

These tables have the same structure. The Customers information is as shown in the Data Model Viewer In a sheet called "Customer Analysis" there is a filter pane with Customers.

A business analyst s developing an app for the Sales department and loads the data about Customers from two files.

The business analyst wants the values to appear as they were loaded How should this issue be resolved?


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