Project Management Professional (PMP) Real Exam Questions PMP Valid Study Materials Online [2022]

Project Management Professional (PMP) Real Exam Questions PMP Valid Study Materials Online [2022]

Valid study materials are available online to help you pass Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. The top IT experts and specialists of ITExamShop have updated PMP real exam questions online to help you start learning PMP exam questions and answers. ITExamShop offers the valid and real PMP exam questions for the good preparation in pdf file and testing engine. The PMP pdf file can be instantly downloaded in the member center after the payment is completed, the testing engine will help you simulate the real PMP exam mode, which will be sent via mail.

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1. A transportation company is transforming its operational processes and the mam system this company uses to move freight. The scope statement is in place. An iterative delivery approach has been agreed by all stakeholders.

What does the project manager need to do next to help the team understand the work that needs to be done?

2. A project manager is appointed to simultaneously deploy a new solution to branches located in different countries Deployment teams in each country will integrate and deploy the solution. The project manager discovers that the deployment teams each encounter similar issues However, each team addresses the issues separately

What should the project manager do to help ensure more collaboration between the teams?

3. After reviewing the project management plan with key stakeholders, the project manager was told that an 18-month release plan was unacceptable and the product should launch in six months. Based on the new timeline, what should the project manager do?

4. A project team has recently finished a sprint for developing two features for a fleet management system Although the team delivered the required features, they encountered several issues and conflicts during the sprint. Team members were upset about this experience and are now showing a lack of motivation due to what has occurred.

What can the project manager do to help increase the team's motivation and engagement with the project?

5. A project manager invites the company CEO, sponsor, team members, and an external client representative to a meeting to review the project management plan. The project manager starts to present the budget but the CEO suddenly asks to end the meeting

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

6. A project sponsor commonly asks the project manager to skip project retrospectives due to time constraints However the project manager persists in running this critical ceremony by reducing the time for preparation and for discussion

What are two issues that these actions by the project manager could cause? (Choose two)

7. A newly formed team has become accustomed to agile practices. The project lead has noticed that while they are performing according to expectations, there is boredom with daily team practices among many of the team members.

What should the project lead do in this situation?

8. A project manager is leading a project with several stakeholders in other functional areas of the company One of these stakeholders has just been promoted to lead another functional area, and remains a stakeholder for this project

What should the project manager have the project team update to ensure proper communications to stakeholders?

9. The project velocity has recently slipped, and a decision was made to skip testing to increase the momentum and bong the project back on track.

What will the project manager need to focus on as a result of this decision?

10. A company is changing their current business model. The change requires implementing a complex project using multiple agile teams.

What three options should the project manager have the testing team adopt as testing mechanisms? (Choose three)


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