Professional Scrum Master I Exam PSM I Real Test Questions

Professional Scrum Master I Exam PSM I Real Test Questions

Professional Scrum Master certification have three exams, Professional Scrum Master I PSM I exam is the first one, which can help candidates demonstrate their fundamental level of Scrum mastery. PSM I real test questions from ITExamShop are great, which are perfect for your Professional Scrum Master I exam. Real PSM I exam questions are verified by the top specialists. They provide PSM I practice exam comes with ease of use so you may access the Professional Scrum Master PSM I exam questions and answers anyplace in your workspace or household. Also, they have full confidence to help you pass PSM I exam.

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1. For the purpose of transparency, when does Scrum say a new increment of working software must be available?

2. What happens if the Development Team cannot complete its work by the end of the Sprint?

3. Which two activities will a Product Owner engage in during a Sprint? (Choose two.)

4. When is implementation of a Product Backlog item considered complete?

5. A Development Team asks their Product Owner to re-order the Product Backlog. The team is waiting for an external supplier to deliver a specific software component. Without that component there won’t be enough work in the next Sprint to occupy the full team. The Product Owner asks the Scrum Master for help.

What would be good advice to give the Product Owner?

6. How much work must a Development Team do to a Product Backlog item it selects for a Sprint?

7. For which is the Scrum Master responsible?

8. Which of the following best describes an increment of working software?

9. Which statement best describes a Product Owner’s responsibility?

10. If two Scrum Teams are added to the development of a product that previously had only one Scrum Team, what will be the immediate impact on the productivity of the original Scrum Team?


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