Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification PfMP Study Guide

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification PfMP Study Guide

Choose to be a Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) certified to signify your advanced competency in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives. PfMP study guide from ITExamShop are great with the actual exam questions to help you achieve the PfMP certified. There are 495 practice exam questions and answers totally in PfMP pdf file. Come to ITExamShop to instant download PfMP pdf file to learn all the questions and answers then complete Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) certification exam.

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1. Assume you are the portfolio manager for your pork producing company, the market leader in your country. Over time, the industry has recovered from trichinosis as a risk. Your company has added new components to its portfolio, and many have been to demonstrate to the public that its products are safe. It implemented the Agriculture Department's and Food and Drug Administration's Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations and is enhancing its image as 'the other white meat'. However, now the entire industry is faced with a new epidemic known as porcine epidemic virus, which is affecting pigs in 22 different states, and profits have decreased significantly. New components now must be added to the portfolio.

This situation shows:

2. Managing risk is key to the success of any initiative. Risk is considered to be inherent in any activity we do in project management and at any level. Risk is part of project, program and portfolio management and has a different exposure in each and every one .

Which of the following highlights this difference?

3. As part of the portfolio communication management, multiple documents are prepared in order to effectively manage communications.

The Stakeholder matrix is one of the prepared documents, what does it include?

4. In order to guide the work and correctly manage the portfolio, one of the major documents to be prepared is the Portfolio Management Plan acting as guideline for portfolio management .

What are the tools and techniques you could use while developing this plan?

5. Your company got recently acquired by another company and the strategic directions which your portfolio is based on have been changed .

Which document do you, as a portfolio manager, update to reflect the change to the timeline?

6. ecause your company's Portfolio Review Board consists of the Directors of its five business units and is chaired by the CEO, the meetings tend to be contentious as there is limited funding available to authorize all the proposed programs and projects. Dissension also is the norm if resources are reallocated from one business unit to another.

As a result, the CEO:

7. In your portfolio some of the programs and projects that are being pursued will realize benefits throughout the program and project's life cycle, while others will not realize the benefits until the program or project is closed or years later.

This means as the portfolio manager, you should:

8. You are the portfolio management for a big corporate with existence in 3 continents.

While planning the performance management and in particular the dashboards and reporting tools, which of the following options is the most important to account for the different geographical locations?

9. You are managing a complex portfolio with high risk levels due to emerging technological breakthroughs and a short benefit window to market your product. You know that managing risks is key to success, and you are coaching your team on the same. While planning for risk management, multiple investment choice tools are used as part of the quantitative and qualitative analyzes .

Which of the following tools determines the effects of portfolio velocity?

10. You are managing a portfolio in a functional organization and resources are shared between operations and projects. You are continuously performing capability and capacity analysis in order to optimize the portfolio .

Which of the following capability and capacity analysis is used to limit the number OR size of components the organization can execute?


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