Perfect Identity and Access Management Designer Study Guide – Real Exam Questions For Preparation

Perfect Identity and Access Management Designer Study Guide – Real Exam Questions For Preparation

Preparing Identity and Access Management Designer exam well can be guaranteed by ITExamShop, perfect Identity and Access Management Designer study guide come with real exam questions and answers for preparation. Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer certification is designed for identity professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and capabilities at assessing identity architecture; designing secure, high-performance access management solutions on the Customer 360 platform; communicating technical solutions effectively to business and technical stakeholders. Real Identity and Access Management Designer exam questions provided by ITExamShop are based on the exam knowledge and skills, which will help you test the your exam capabilities and ensure that you can pass Identity and Access Management Designer certification exam successfully.

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1. Universal containers (UC) has decided to use identity connect as it's identity provider. UC uses active directory (AD) and has a team that is very familiar and comfortable with managing ad groups. UC would like to use AD groups to help configure salesforce users .

Which three actions can AD groups control through identity connect? Choose 3 answers

2. Universal containers (UC) has implemented ansp-Initiated SAML flow between an external IDP and salesforce. A user at UC is attempting to login to salesforce1 for the first time and is being prompted for salesforce credentials instead of being shown the IDP login page .

What is the likely cause of the issue?

3. A financial services company uses Salesforce and has a compliance requirement to track information about devices from which users log in. Also, a Salesforce Security Administrator needs to have the ability to revoke the device from which users log in.

What should be used to fulfill this requirement?

4. Universal Containers (UC) wants to build a mobile application that twill be making calls to the Salesforce REST API. UC's Salesforce implementation relies heavily on custom objects and custom Apex code. UC does not want its users to have to enter credentials every time they use the app .

Which two scope values should an Architect recommend to UC? Choose 2 answers.

5. Universal containers (UC) uses a legacy Employee portal for their employees to collaborate and post their ideas. UC decides to use salesforce ideas for voting and better tracking purposes. To avoid provisioning users on Salesforce, UC decides to push ideas posted on the Employee portal to salesforce through API. UC decides to use an API user using Oauth Username - password flow for the connection .

How can the connection to salesforce be restricted only to the employee portal server?

6. A global company's Salesforce Identity Architect is reviewing its Salesforce production org

login history and is seeing some intermittent Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML SSO) 'Replay Detected and Assertion Invalid' login errors.

Which two issues would cause these errors? Choose 2 answers

7. Universal Containers is creating a mobile application that will be secured by Salesforce Identity using the OAuth 2.0 user-agent flow (this flow uses the OAuth 2.0 implicit grant type).

Which three OAuth concepts apply to this flow? Choose 3 answers

8. Universal Containers (UC) uses Salesforce to allow customers to keep track of the order status. The customers can log in to Salesforce using external authentication providers, such as Facebook and Google. UC is also leveraging the App Launcher to let customers access an of platform application for generating shipping labels. The label generator application uses OAuth to provide users access .

What license type should an Architect recommend for the customers?

9. Universal Containers (UC) is both a Salesforce and Google Apps customer. The UC IT team would like to manage the users for both systems in a single place to reduce administrative burden .

Which two optimal ways can the IT team provision users and allow Single Sign-on between Salesforce and Google Apps? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal containers (UC) employees have salesforce access from restricted ip ranges only, to protect against unauthorised access. UC wants to rollout the salesforce1 mobile app and make it accessible from any location .

Which two options should an architect recommend? Choose 2 answers


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