Perfect 300-630 CCNP Data Center DCACIA Practice Test Questions

Perfect 300-630 CCNP Data Center DCACIA Practice Test Questions

Do you want to be a CCNP Data Center certified by passing 300-630 Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure – Advanced (DCACIA) certification exam? According to the latest reviews, you can pass Cisco 300-630 DCACIA certification exam by reading the perfect 300-630 practice test questions. Cisco CCNP Data Center 300-630 practice test questions are designed to assess your exam preparation. You can see the level of your preparation on the 300-630 pdf file that resembles the actual Cisco 300-630 Exam. Cisco 300-630 practice questions will help you to improve your skills and get better at taking the Cisco 300-630 test to pass in one attempt.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

Between Cisco UCS Fls and Cisco ACI leaf switches, CDP is disabled, the LLDP is enabled, and LACP is in Active mode .

Which two discovery protocols and load-balancing mechanism combinations can be implemented for the DVS? (Choose two.)

2. Refer to the exhibit.

What must be configured in the service graph to redirect HTTP traffic between the EPG client and EPG server to go through the Cisco ASA firewall?

3. An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and must set up the link between the spine and the IPN device .

Which three actions should be taken to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

4. What are two characteristics of Cisco ACI interaction with MSTP? (Choose two.)

5. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer must have communication between EPG1 in VRF1 and External EPG in VRF2 .

Which three actions should be taken for the defined subnets in the L3Out External EPG to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

6. Refer to the exhibit.

The is configured as a default static route on L3Out-1 .

Which action should be taken for the prefix to advertise out on L3Out-2 OSPF?

7. How is broadcast forwarded in Cisco ACI Multi-Pod after ARP flooding is enabled?

8. How is multicast traffic managed in a Cisco ACI fabric?


An engineer must migrate servers from a legacy data center infrastructure to a Cisco ACI fabric.

Drag and drop the steps from the left into the order that they must be completed on the right to ensure the least amount of downtime.

10. Which feature should be disabled on a bridge domain when a default gateway for endpoints is on an external device instead of a Cisco ACI bridge domain SVI?


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