Pegasystems PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Questions | Pega Certified System Architect Test

Pegasystems PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Questions | Pega Certified System Architect Test

Pegasystems PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Questions are the top learning materials for earning the Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) Version 8.5 certification. The top PEGAPCSA85V1 exam questions are created by the professional experts who spent a lot time and energy on them. There are 60 practice exam questions and answers in Pegasystems PEGAPCSA85V1 exam questions pdf file. We ensure that you can pass PEGAPCSA85V1 Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) version 8.5 certification exam in the first try.

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1. You are configuring an external data source using the Integration Designer. You have the REST, Dev, Stage, and Prod endpoint URLs, and a name for the data source .

What other information do you need to configure the external data source?


A door manufacturer offers a finite list of colors on all its doors. As part of the order, customers can select the color of the door.

Select the data page definition configuration settings to source a color drop-down list to minimize memory usage.

3. A manager requests a report that contains the following columns: Create Date, Case ID, Create Operator, and Work Status. You must sort the cases so the case with the most recent create date appears at the top of the list and descends in order .

How do you design the report definition to support this requirement?

4. You are creating a case type to process job applications for a large corporation. Job applications for security positions require a physical assessment in addition to the standard criminal background check. The physical assessment can occur before or after the background check .

How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior?

5. The business process for an automobile insurance claim consists of the following phases:

* Submission: The customer contacts a customer service representative (CSR) to file the claim.

* Review: An adjuster reviews the claim, assesses the damages to each vehicle, and provides an estimate of the cost of repairs.

* Repair: A third patty performs the repairs on each vehicle, communicating with the adjuster and customer as necessary.

* Verification: After each vehicle repair, the adjuster closes the claim.

According to Pega best practices, which phase can you implement as a child case?

6. An online retailer allows customers to select a courier service for deliveries. The list of available courier services is drawn from a data type sourced in the Pega database. The Fulfillment department wants to allow local warehouse managers to add courier services to mitigate increases in delivery times and remove courier services that fail to meet delivery metrics .

Which two options are required to allow local warehouse managers to update courier service records in production? (Choose two.)

7. Your online shopping application servers international customers. You need to define a data page that holds currency rates. All users accessing the application need to use the information. The Scope of this Page should be set to_______________.

8. A survey is sent to a customer via email .

How do you configure a solution to ensure the email includes the case ID for the survey?

9. A list report includes columns for purchase requests and regional cost centers. A manager wants the report to show the total number of purchase requests for each of the regional cost centers.

How do you configure the report definition?


In the Answer Area, select the appropriate correspondence configuration for each type of content.


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