Pega Certified Lead System Architect PEGAPCLSA85V1 Practice Exam Ensure You Pass Exam Successfully

Pega Certified Lead System Architect PEGAPCLSA85V1 Practice Exam Ensure You Pass Exam Successfully

Pega Certified Lead System Architect (PCLSA) certification is the highest level of technical achievement in Pega. Now it is required to completed LSA Architecture 8.5 PEGAPCLSA85V1 exam. To help the IT professionals to complete the Pega Certified Lead System Architect PEGAPCLSA85V1 exam, we have released new PEGAPCLSA85V1 practice exam to ensure you pass exam. Real PEGAPCLSA85V1 exam questions with the accurate answers in the pdf file have been verified by the top experts. They have checked all the questions and answers, and now, we have full confidence to ensure that you can pass Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 85V1 test.

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1. An application contains cases which transition though different statuses throughout their life cycle which, months.

Design a reporting strategy to display the number of cases by status at the end of each month for a 12 month period.

2. While configuring GetNextWork, overriding the System Settings rule GetNextWork__WorkBasketUrgencyThreshold imposes a minimum cutoff value for assignment urgency.

Which statement accurately depicts the system behavior when the GetNextWork_WorkBaseketUrgencyThreshold setting is overridden?

3. XYZ Corp requires employees to designate alternate operators to perform their work while they are on vacation. Work vacationing operators should be visible to alternate operators.

How do you configure the application to handle this requirement?


XYZ Inc.'s COE wants case life cycle developers to use a field group named "Claim" regardless of the application being developed.

Select and move the three tasks that the COE performs for this requirement to the Task List column and place them in the correct order. (Choose Three)

5. A shipping case needs to wait n specific time period before progressing in its flow. The developer is considering using ;i wait shape or an assignment with an SI A to perform this (unction.

Identify the two requirements for which a wait shape is the simpler approach. (Choose Two)

6. APP Studio created a data type in the Organization layer for Quote data called BCO-Data-Quote.

How do you help users find rules from this data class when working in APP Studio?

7. What two recommendations do you provide to the development team to ensure the performance of the Pega application does not degrade over time? (Choose Two)

8. Security policies need to be configured for a newly developed Pega application using basic credential authentication. The lockout policy configuration must lock out users after three failed login attempts. The configuration must exclude Administrator or Executive operators from the lockout.

How do you achieve this requirement?

9. What are two valid reasons for defining a case type within a case type-specific ruleset? (Choose

10. Table a contains customer information. Table B contains complaints submitted by customers. Table C contains positive feedback submitted by customer.

You are tasked to write a report that list all rows in Table A where, per customer, the number of rows in Table B related to Table A are greater than the number of rows in Table C related to table A.

Which method creates the report that executes with the best performance?


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