Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1 PEGAPCBA86V1 Exam Questions – Pass Successfully

Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1 PEGAPCBA86V1 Exam Questions – Pass Successfully

PEGAPCBA86V1 exam is available for achieving Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) Version 8.6 certification to concentrate on the ability to participate in the design and construction of a Pega application, by incorporating business objectives and requirements. Real PEGAPCBA86V1 exam questions of ITExamShop are available also based on the actual PEGAPCBA86V1 exam objectives to ensure that you pass Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 86V1 exam successfully. Go ahead of adding the PEGAPCBA86V1 exam questions to the cart and complete the payment, then you can download the pdf file instantly to start learning at once.

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1. A loan application requires a borrower data type with fields to collect first/last name, address, employment, income, credit score, etc. In certain situations data type of spouse/partner and/or cosigner are required.

Can all data types reuse the same properties? (Choose One)

2. A requirement states: When a customer applies for a credit card, a credit check must be completed in order for the credit card to be approved.

Select the case type relationship that satisfies the requirement.

3. An application includes the property .Employee.Dependent(2).DateOfBirth. The property mode of .Dependent(2) is a___________________. (Choose One)

4. How do you provide users with guidance for completing a form and avoid the need for application training?

5. When creating a data page the requirement is to have the data cached and refreshed after 90 days, which refresh option is best suited to meet this requirement? (Choose One)

6. Which two of the following use cases do you implement by using one or more calculated fields? (Choose Two)

7. A requirement states: When a business guest checks out of a hotel, the guest must complete a hotel review to receive a corporate discount.

Select the case type relationship that satisfies the requirement.

8. A form lists a group of recreational activities users can select when booking a vacation. One column lists the activity name, a second column provides the check box for activity selection, and a third columns displays a thumbnail image of the activity. When viewed on a small screen, you do not need to display the images .

What three configurations steps would you take to support this requirement? (Choose three)

9. Customers check their membership status with a company loyalty program by entering their full name and member ID number. Once the membership status is returned, the customer either abandons the case or makes changes to their membership. If the member chooses to make changes, a case ID is assigned to the request.

Which two configurations, when applied in combination, achieve this behavior? (Choose Two)

10. You need to fetch exchange rates that are updated on a daily basis from a web service and make them available in your application using a data page .

Which scope would you select for the data page?


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