Pass OmniStudio Developer Exam with Online Study Guide To Be a Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Certified

Pass OmniStudio Developer Exam with Online Study Guide To Be a Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Certified

An OmniStudio Developer is able to design and configure applications using OmniStudio tools, including FlexCards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, DataRaptors, Calculation Procedures and Matrices, and Industry Consoles.As a candidate who want to be a Salesforce Omnistudio Developer certified, he/she needs to pass OmniStudio Developer exam. We have real OmniStudio Developer study guide with 62 practice exam questions and answers to help candidates prepare for Salesforce Omnistudio Developer certification exam.

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1. Users receive an APEC CPU limit Exceeded error when running an OmniScript in a Salesfoce Community. The OmniScript includes an Integration Procedure that contains two DataRaptors.

Which two Location should the developer check to troubleshoot the issue?

Choose 2 answers

2. Refer to the exhibit.

A developer creates an OmniScript display FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate of a contact using a Type Ahead Block. The DataRaptor used in the Type Ahead has been tested and fetches the correct data.

When previewing Omniscript, the developer enters a name in the Type Ahead and males a selection of a contact from the list. However, the text fields FirstName. LastName, and BirthDate are not getting populated with the data.

What is the reason that the fields fail to display the fetched data?

3. A developer needs to configure a DataRaptor to retrieve data from a single object. The structure of the output data does not need to be changed.

Following best practices, which type of DataRaptor should the developer use?

4. An OmniScript displays data from an API using Integration Procedure, but some of the data is missing.

Which two configuration errors could cause this? Choose 2 answers

5. A developer configure a Flexcard with a DataRaptor data source that uses the as an. When the developer clicks Views Data on the FlexCard, valid data displays. However, when the developer previews the layout, the FlexCard does not display .

What could cause this error? Choose 2 answers

6. Refer to the exhibit below.

What is the reason for this?

7. A developer creates a DataRaptor Extract to retrieve data to pass to an external service. The external service expects the field value to be integer. However, the DataRaptor is sending it as a string.

Which action can the developer take to fix this?

8. A developer creates an OmniScript to update billing information. After analyzing the different types of customer interactions that occur at the company, the developer determines updating billing information should be included in the majority of customer interactions, which are represented by more than 20 different FlexCards.

What is the most efficient way for the developer to configure the action that invokes the OmniScript?

9. A developer needs to build a multi-step intake form. Each step must allow the user to cancel the intake at any time. The developer is using an LWC OmniScript to build the form.

How should the developer implement the cancel functionality for all steps using the LWC OmniScript Designer?

10. A developer is creating an OmniScript that provisions trail orgs to their customers.

The following text block in the Omniscript uses a merge code to display the ID for the new trail org:


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