Pass 820-605 CSM Exam [2022] Updated 820-605 Exam Questions Online

Pass 820-605 CSM Exam [2022] Updated 820-605 Exam Questions Online

You can pass 820-605 CSM Cisco Customer Success Manager certification exam successfully with the updated Cisco 820-605 exam questions of ITExamShop online. To provide candidates with new 820-605 exam questions, we have updated 820-605 exam questions with actual answers to help you prepare for the Cisco Customer Success Manager exam well. You can get the free update at ITExamShop if you have completed the 820-605 exam questions payment before. Or just add the Cisco 820-605 exam questions to the cart and complete the payment.

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1. Which activity reduces the risk of chum?

2. What is the first step a Customer Success Manager should take to identify why the solution was purchased?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

What does this health score indicate?

4. Your client, the Director of IT Policy and Governance of Easternbank, has just informed you that the CIO is dissatisfied with the current level of utilization of the collaboration solution that was deployed 3 months ago. The client has requested a meeting to improve the situation.

Which reports are critical to the success of the meeting?

5. Which definition of a use case is true?

6. What is a financial implication of churn?

7. A customer voices frustration because the purchased solution is not being adopted as expected within the organization, and the organization’s new leadership does not have a historical perspective of the expected outcomes.

Which two activities should the Customer Success Manager initiate to create mitigation plans to address these risk factors? (Choose two)

8. What is the term for the gap between the features and functions that customers purchase and the features and functions that they use?

9. On which two objectives should communication with customer executives focus? (Choose two)

10. Refer to the exhibit.

Which action must be taken by Customer Success Manager?


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