Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata PSE Strata Professional Study Guide

Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata PSE Strata Professional Study Guide

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1. Which two of the following does decryption broker provide on a NGFW? (Choose two.)

2. How frequently do WildFire signatures move into the antivirus database?

3. Select the BOM for the Prisma Access, to provide access for 5500 mobile users and 10 remote locations (100Mbps each) for one year, including Base Support and minimal logging. The customer already has 4x PA5220r 8x PA3220,1x Panorama VM for 25 devices.

4. Which is the smallest Panorama solution that can be used to manage up to 2500 Palo Alto Networks Next Generation firewalls?

5. A customer is looking for an analytics tool that uses the logs on the firewall to detect actionable events on the network. They require something to automatically process a series of related threat events that, when combined, indicate a likely compromised host on their network or some other higher level conclusion. They need to pinpoint the area of risk, such as compromised hosts on the network, allows you to assess the risk and take action to prevent exploitation of network resources.

Which feature of PAN-OS can you talk about to address their requirement to optimize their business outcomes?

6. Which security profile on the NGFW includes signatures to protect you from brute force attacks?

7. Which four actions can be configured in an Anti-Spyware profile to address command-and-control traffic from compromised hosts? (Choose four.)

8. What action would address the sub-optimal traffic path shown in the figure?


RN - Remote Network

SC - Service Connection

MU GW - Mobile User Gateway

9. XYZ Corporation has a legacy environment with asymmetric routing. The customer understands that Palo Alto Networks firewalls can support asymmetric routing with redundancy.

Which two features must be enabled to meet the customer’s requirements? (Choose two.)

10. Which three methods used to map users to IP addresses are supported in Palo Alto Networks firewalls? (Choose three.)


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