Nutanix NCP-MCA Free Questions Online – Help You Check The Quality OF New NCP-MCA Exam Questions [2022]

Nutanix NCP-MCA Free Questions Online – Help You Check The Quality OF New NCP-MCA Exam Questions [2022]

As we posted, the latest NCP-MCA exam questions have been released online to help you pass NCP-MCA Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA) 5 Exam successfully. In the previous article, “Candidates are recommended to ITExamShop to download the NCP-MCA pdf file for learning real questions and answers instantly, also they can get free Nutanix NCP-MCA testing engine to simulate real NCP-MCA exam”. But candidates who are eager to choose the new NCP-MCA exam questions of ITExamShop still want to check the high-quality of the new NCP-MCA exam questions. Here, we have Nutanix NCP-MCA free questions as the demo online, which will elimlinate your worries about the ITExamShop NCP-MCA exam questions.

Read Nutanix NCP-MCA Free Questions Below To Check The Quality

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1. Which two providers are supported in Calm? (Choose two.)

2. Where would a Calm Developer find logging related to blueprint package failures?

3. Within a Calm blueprint, which two actions can an administrator apply to a Service under the Guest Customization section? (Choose two.)

4. A blueprint service needs to use scaling.

The requirements are:

Windows 2019 VM (12 vCPU, 24 GB memory, 500 GB volume)

Minimum VMs needed at any time and at time of deployment is 2 VMs

VMs should not exceed the project quota of 100 vCPUs or 300 GB of memory

There are no other services in use within the project

Which scaling VM replica settings meet all requirements?

5. When a developer launches the created Blueprint within the Blueprint Editor, the application gets deployed correctly. However, when the Blueprint is launched via Marketplace, it gets a check login error.

What is causing this issue?

6. An end user for an application that has been assigned the Consumer role within the project has noticed multiple issues with a blueprint that need to be addressed. The decision has been made to bring the end user onto the team to be able to modify the blueprints for this project.

Using the concept of least privilege, what role should the end user be assigned?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

What needs to be done in order to enable the developer to complete this requested task? (Choose two.)

8. An administrator needs to create a Playbook to be notified when VMs are deleted.

Which X-Play Trigger would satisfy this task?

9. Refer to exhibits.

The variable VM_NAME is giving a warning that indicates that the variable is not found.

When checking the Service tab, the variable is found to match the VM_NAME field entry as shown in the exhibit below:

What is causing this warning message?

10. What are two valid trigger types available for executing Playbooks? (Choose two.)


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