Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core) NCSE Core Exam Questions

Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core) NCSE Core Exam Questions

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

***Exhibit is Missing***

Based on the sizing scenario, what level of resiliency can be inferred about the configuration?

2. During a sales motion with a new prospect, the prospect and SE agree to evaluate Nutanix and a computing platform using XRay.

The prospect is currently using 3-tier architecture and considering Nutanix and HPE Simplivity.

Which two details must be discussed with the prospect before the POC starts? (Choose two)

3. An SE needs to size a new project that requires offsite backup but not remote disaster recovery. The prospect requires an RTO of 48 hours, RPO of 4 hours, and the ability to restore from the past 5days of backups. The prospect's data change rate is 1%.

How should the SE configure Sizer for this scenario?

4. A prospect is evaluating Nutanix for a large number of Oracle RAC deployments. Time to deployment is a top priority, and the prospect has developed a self-service tool in-house to expedite these deployments.

Which Nutanix feature should be discussed?

5. An SE is building a solution for a federal goverment prospect that u???

Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meens the ??? encryption (choose two)

6. A systems engineer sizers an environment based on the customer's requirement of N+2 resiliency for the entire cluster. In which two ways could the configuration be changed to meet the customer's requirements? (Choose Two)

7. An administrator knows that the disk in a cluster are out of date and a new firmware is available. For security reason, these cluster do not have access to the internet.

Which two steps must be completed to update the firmware? (Choose two.)

8. In a competitive POC scenario, the prospect is testing Nutanix against VxRail and Hyperflex. The customer is interested in an ""All in One"" solution that's simple to deploy, manage, and grow.

Which two test plan items should the SE map to POC success criteria? (Choose two)

9. A customer has a 3-node cluster configured for RF2 with 100TB of raw disk space. The customer wants to enable Erasure Coding to gain additional usable space.

What change will allow EC-X to be enabled?

10. Using the Sizing Option shown, which two configurations are possible configurations that Sizer could provide in Automatic mode? (Choose two)


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