Nutanix Certified Services Core Infrastructure Professional NCS-Core Exam Questions

Nutanix Certified Services Core Infrastructure Professional NCS-Core Exam Questions

Individuals who earned the Nutanix Certified Services Core Infrastructure Professional certification understand how to facilitate a Services technical kickoff call, how to deploy Nutanix clusters, and provide a proper knowledge transfer with deliverables. Passing NCS-Core exam to be a certified is difficult so we recommend to choose NCS-Core exam questions as the preparation materials. The NCS-Core exam questions will provide you with enough content to get all the required information and skills to pass Nutanix Certified Services Core Infrastructure Professional NCS-Core exam.

Nutanix Certification NCS-Core Free Exam Questions Help You Check The Quality

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1. While creating an image placement policy on the organizations AOS 5.15-based Nutanix cluster, the administrator wants to ensure there are no restrictions on using the selected images on clusters outside of the identified set.

What type of Policy Enforcement must the administrator choose?

2. While preparing for a new four-node cluster installation, the consultant has a Tech Review Call with the customer.

The hardware is as follows:

* 4 nodes in 1 Block

* 8 x 10 GbE Ports

* 4 x 1 GbE IPMI Ports

* Adequate Ethernet ports are available

* Ethernet cables are correct and available

* Adequate rack space is available

Which remaining item must be confirmed as available onsite?

3. In a 20-node ESXi deployment, the customer needs additional resiliency to survive the loss of two nodes concurrently.

Which configuration should the consultant use to ensure that the appropriate resources are available?

4. A consultant runs the Foundation Applet and discovers all the nodes. The consultant wants to use the latest version of Foundation for imaging for support purposes and to cover the latest hardware and software hypervisor support.

What should the consultant do to upgrade Foundation on a node?

5. An administrator has a 32-node hybrid cluster with CPU, RAM and storage utilization of 80%. A database VM is configured with VM Flash.

What is causing this IO latency?

6. A company needs to replicate their VMs to a remote site and must have an RPO of less than 1 hour.

When creating a protection domain, what should an administrator do to meet this requirement?

7. A customer is deploying Nutanix AHV clusters over hundreds of remote sites worldwide. Prism Central will be used to centrally manage all clusters. Customer security policy requires the use of MS Active Directory (AD). groups to authenticate all network devices.

Which method should be consultant use to meet the requirements?

8. A customer has NearSync configured. When the administrator tries to restore a snapshot from 3 minutes ago, it is not available. The snapshots are happening at15-minute intervals instead of at the 5-minute configured interval. When the protection domain was initially set up, the snapshots were happening at the expected 5-minute interval.

What should the customer do to enable the snapshots to happen at the expected interval?

9. A customer with a four-node RF2 cluster is adding application VMs to their system. After adding these VMs, the Prism dashboard shows 81% storage utilization.

What is the consequence of running the cluster at 81% storage utilization?

10. A consultant is deploying a two-node cluster at a remote branch office.

Which component must be available to complete cluster configuration?


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