Nutanix Certified Professional Certification Exam NCP-MCI-5.15 Updated Exam Questions

Nutanix Certified Professional Certification Exam NCP-MCI-5.15 Updated Exam Questions

According to the latest exam details and objectives, NCP-MCI-5.15 updated exam questions have been released for your Nutanix Certified Professional certification. The new version of NCP-MCI-5.15 exam questions are real, with the great exam questions and answers, you can answer Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure (v5.15) certification exam smoothly. Updated Nutanix NCP-MCI-5.15 exam questions are actually the best show of an in depth evaluation of the true Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure (v5.15) exam.

Nutanix Certified Professional Certification NCP-MCI-5.15 Free Questions Are Below

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1. AHV IPAM assigns an IP address from the address pool when creating a managed VM NIC.

At which two instances does the address release back to the pool? (Choose two)

2. In Nutanix clusters, which feature ensures VMs can be migrated and restarted on another host in case of failure?

3. What is the expected operation during node addition when the new node has a different AOS version?

4. Which change can be made on a cluster with software-based Data-at-Rest Encryption enabled?

5. A guest VM should be able to tolerate simultaneous failure of two nodes or drives.

What are the minimum requirements for the Nutanix cluster?

6. When creating a VM on an AHV cluster, how is the initial placement of the VM determined?

7. CPU utilization climbs above 90% on several VMs. This causes performance degradation for a business-critical application.

How can alerts be configured to notify the administrator before VM CPU utilization hits 90%?

8. An administrator logs in to Prism Element goes to the Network view, and sees the output shown in the exhibit.

Which three steps must the administrator take to increase throughput to the host? (Choose three.)

9. What is the expected behavior of the VMs residing on that host when a controller VM becomes unavailable?

10. How many SSL certificates are used by Prism Element on a Nutanix cluster?


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