Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam Questions With Actual Answers

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Exam Questions With Actual Answers

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant exam is one of the Salesforce Consultant certification exam, which is designed for consultants who have experience working with nonprofits and implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and related solutions in a customer-facing role. To make sure you can prepare for Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification exam well, we have good Nonprofit Cloud Consultant exam questions online with actual answers. Come to ITExamShop to get the valid Nonprofit Cloud Consultant exam questions as your preparation materials.

Come here to read Nonprofit Cloud Consultant free questions before getting the actual exam questions.

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1. Which two sections should be included in a Salesforce-recommended V2MOM? Choose 2 answers

2. How should a consultant install NPSP in an existing Salesforce organization?

3. A large nonprofit organization is a social enterprise that functions in many ways like a for-profit corporation. The organization does mot accept individual donations, but mostly engages with corporations, sponsors, and vendors by selling its own products to further its mission. The organization needs to manage Leads and track its Opportunity pipeline .

Which account model should the consultant recommend?

4. The executive director at a nonprofit needs to understand the overall summary of individuals engaged with the organization across multiple channels, including donations, volunteer shifts, and event attendance .

What can the consultant deliver to help them achieve this summary by channel?

5. A system administrator encounters an error at run time that a record couldn't be updated when a Customizable Rollup ran .

What should the consultant check?

6. A nonprofit organization wants to record the most recent Opportunity close date on Contact records. The nonprofit organization expects the field on the Contact to be overwritten every time a new Opportunity meets the criteria .

Which feature should the consultant use to meet this requirement?

7. A consultant is setting up a governance framework as part of a nonprofit organization implementation.

Which three elements should be included in a Salesforce-recommended governance structure? Choose 3 answers

8. A consultant needs to set up a sandbox strategy for a nonprofit implementation project involving two major development initiatives.

For which three purposes should separate sandboxes be used?

9. Which resource should the consultant recommend to a non-profit organization to suggest new features in NPSP?

10. A consultant is upgrading a non-profit client from version 2 of NPSP to version 3 .

Which action should the consultant take before running the NPSP Installer?


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