New PCCSE Exam Guide Released [3-9-2022] To Pass Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer (PCCSE) Exam

New PCCSE Exam Guide Released [3-9-2022] To Pass Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer (PCCSE) Exam

Students choose to pass Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer (PCCSE) exam to validates their knowledge, skills andabilities required to onboard, deploy and administer all aspects of Prisma Cloud. While preparing Palo Alto Networks PCCSE exam, new PCCSE exam guide of ITExamShop can be your perfect online resource for reading before attending actual Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer certification exam. The valid Palo Alto Networks PCCSE exam questions and answers will help you to understand the actual PCCSE exam and pass the exam with out possessing any difficulty with brilliant results.

Check Palo Alto Networks PCCSE Free Questions Below First

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1. Which API calls can scan an image named myimage: latest with twistcli and then retrieve the results from Console?

2. Which container scan is constructed correctly?

3. Which statement is true regarding CloudFormation templates?

4. A security team has a requirement to ensure the environment is scanned for vulnerabilities .

What are three options for configuring vulnerability policies? (Choose three.)

5. A Prisma Cloud administrator is tasked with pulling a report via API. The Prisma Cloud tenant is located on

What is the correct API endpoint?

6. Which three types of classifications are available in the Data Security module? (Choose three.)

7. A customer has multiple violations in the environment including:

User namespace is enabled

An LDAP server is enabled

SSH root is enabled

Which section of Console should the administrator use to review these findings?

8. How are the following categorized?

Backdoor account access Hijacked processes Lateral movement

Port scanning

9. What is the maximum number of access keys a user can generate in Prisma Cloud with a System Admin role?

10. A customer has a requirement to restrict any container from resolving the name

How should the administrator configure Prisma Cloud Compute to satisfy this requirement?


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