New HPE0-J58 Exam Questions For Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam [2022]

New HPE0-J58 Exam Questions For Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam [2022]

HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions exam is for new candidates who are about to earn HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification. New HPE0-J58 exam questions of ITExamShop are available online to help you prepare for HPE0-J58 exam. You can get the latest HPE0-J58 exam questions in pdf file and testing engine for good learning. More, please note, both the HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification and HPE0-J58 exam will be inactive on August 15, 2022.

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1. Refer to the exhibit, which reflects the Bill of Materials (BOM) configuration for one datacenter.

A customer needs a new storage solution of two HPE 3PAR 8440 arrays. The customer’s environment consists of eight physical servers in each data center attached to the SAN and one StoreOnce 3540 system with two FC I/O cards. The distance between data centers is less than 75 meters.

What should you add the BOM to meet the customer needs?

2. A customer has a requirement to provide disaster recovery for an application. The application has an RPO of 30 mins, with an RTO of 15 mins.

How can HPE 3PAR Remote Copy help meet the customer’s specified requirements in the most cost effective manner?

3. You want to use FCAP authentication in an environment with FOS 7.3 running switches with no extra licenses.

What should you do to use this feature?

4. A customer needs to upgrade their existing HPE 3PAR environment. They ask you to present a solution to gather data from all 200 of their HPE 3PARs arrays, which are spread across the globe. The arrays consist of various generations and OS levels, and they are managed by regional instances of SSMC.

What should you present to the customer as a solution?

5. A customer wants to replace an EMC storage array. You want to provide as much Information about the EMC configuration as possible to propose an HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble Storage array.

Which HPE tool will meet your needs?

6. A customer needs to a multi-site environment where the entire inter-site transmission will be encrypted.


products support this feature without additional licenses? (Select two.)

7. A customer requires an all-flash solution that will scale out, with multiple arrays for replication. The customer also needs the solution to provide more data per terabyte of flash storage than competing solutions.

Which HPE program should you leverage in your solution to help meet the customer’s requirements?

8. A startup company is considering an HPE Nimble solution. They have a small IT budget, and they need to be future-proof for changing performance requirements.

How does the Nimble architecture meet the company needs? (Select two.)

9. A customer requests a proposal for two HPE 3PAR arrays using asynchronous periodic replication. The customer has two data centers, and the current bandwidth available for replication between the data centers is 200 Mb/s.

The customer is replicating 30TB, and the change rate is 3% in 24 hours. The customer wants to achieve an RPO of 10 minutes.

Which statement about bandwidth and replication is true for the customer requirements?

10. A customer needs a new replication solution that makes use of capacity efficiency technologies, even though data is being replicated to another array.

You have been developing a solution that includes two HPE 3PAR arrays.

What should you emphasize in your proposal?


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