New COBIT 2019 Practice Exam | COBIT 2019 Foundation Study Guide

New COBIT 2019 Practice Exam | COBIT 2019 Foundation Study Guide

Why recommend to complete COBIT 2019 Foundation certification? Earning COBIT 2019 Foundation certification ensures that you understand:

  • How to align IT goals with strategic business objectives using tools designed to give governance a wider perspective, and practitioners more flexibility.
  • The value derived from IT, necessary resources, and potential risks in the process of building a mature relationship between the business and IT.
  • The different types of IT governance frameworks such as ITIL, NIST etc., including the benefits of each and how they work.

It can prove that you have ability to complete the related work. But how to achieve COBIT 2019 Foundation certification? New COBIT 2018 practice exam are based on the latest exam objectives, which will be the best study guide to prepare well.

Not only recommend COBIT 2019 practice exam, but also share COBIT 2019 free questions for checking.

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1. Within an organizational structure chart (RACI chart), which role drives a given task or process?

2. Which of the following is a principle associated with the key components of a governance framework?

3. Which of the following BEST enables an enterprise to maximize value from the use of I&T?

4. The different levels of involvement associated with roles and organizational structure are

PRIMARILY divided into:

5. Which of the following domains deals with the definition of IT solutions and their integration in business processes?

6. In the implementation model, when is IT governance implementation risk BEST managed?

7. After IT department goals have been aligned with enterprise goals, the NEXT step is to link the alignment goals with:

8. Which governance component identifies the human resource needs that must be met to achieve governance and management objectives?

9. Within the COBIT goals cascade, stakeholder drivers are transformed into:

10. Which of the following metrics would BEST enable an enterprise to evaluate an alignment goal specifically related to security of information and privacy?


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