New AD0-E709 Exam Questions – Pass Adobe Commerce Developer Expert Exam [2022]

New AD0-E709 Exam Questions – Pass Adobe Commerce Developer Expert Exam [2022]

AD0-E709 Adobe Commerce Developer Expert exam is one of the Adobe Commerce certification exams, which is for the Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer certification. New AD0-E709 exam questions are available online with actual questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Adobe Commerce Developer Expert exam successfully. Use the best AD0-E709 exam questions as the preparation materials of ITExamShop now, you can download the Adobe AD0-E709 exam pdf file to start learning at once. Also, the free AD0-E709 testing engine will be sent to your mail.

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1. There are two different configurable products which both share one variation. The shared variation is represented by the same simple product.

A customer added both configurables to the cart with the same selected variation?

How will they be displayed?

2. You are creating a new indexer which must run after the targetrule_product_rule index process. When you run bin/magento indexer:reindex, your rule always runs first creating inaccurate data.

What is the resolution?

3. You have created a new block and will be adding this block on every page. The block contains user-specific information and cannot be cached.

The block is added to the default.xml with:

What does this accomplish?

4. You are developing a module and need to add another column to a table introduced by another module MyCompany_MyModule via db schema.

How do you do that?

5. You have created a custom module which must perform an action immediately after an order is placed, but only on the store front of the merchant site. You have selected the checkout_submit_all_after as the target event which the module will observe.

In which file will the event observer be declared?

6. As you are scanning folder in the vendor/module-catalog directory, you see a directory that is named Ui.

What is this folder's purpose?

7. You are working on a Magento store which will be selling in two countries. Each country has its own set of payment methods.

How do you organize the project to support this requirement?

8. You have created a module to show manufacturer-list, but in your page need to show Pagination that already ready in your block. Keeping maintainability in mind, where you call echo $block->getPagerHtml();?

9. How many shipping addresses may be selected for an order during the checkout process?

10. You are working on a project that contains a million SKUs. The merchant has requested the product view page to have a custom color schema and page layout depending on the product price range.

How do you implement this, keeping simplicity in mind?


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