NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification Real ERP-Consultant Practice Exam Preparation [2022]

NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification Real ERP-Consultant Practice Exam Preparation [2022]

To earn the NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification, candidates are required to pass two exams:

  • SuiteFoundation Exam
  • ERP-Consultant Exam

You can get the valid SuiteFoundation exam questions from ITExamShop, also can find the real ERP-Consultant practice exam as the preparation materials to complete the NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification. Real ERP-Consultant practice exam written by the top and experienced experts are the great and right preparation materials online. ITExamShop is among the top platforms that provide real and verified ERP-Consultant exam questions and answers. Prepare yourself you for ERP-Consultant NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam with the real ERP-Consultant to achieve Certified Technical exam certification with no problem.

Real ERP-Consultant Practice Exam With Free ERP-Consultant Questions Demo

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1. A company that uses FIFO costing method is going live.

Which transaction best captures the time-based nature of inventory cost?

2. What are two (2) advantages of using the Inbound Shipment Management Tool? (Choose two.)

3. What feature enables a user to create Billing Schedules in order to invoice sales over a time period or contract term?

4. Which accounting impacts result from building an assembly? (Choose two.)

5. A company would like to add the same disclaimer message that prints in the footer of its PDF Invoices.

Which action should the Administrator take?

6. Which three actions are supported using assembly functionality?

7. Which functionality enables a user to automatically add elimination lines to an Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry?

8. A Custom Role cannot view a Custom Field on an Entity Form, which of the following permissions need to be assigned in order to be able to view it?

9. Which mapping is required when performing a CSV Import to create a new Sales Order?

10. One item on a Return Authorization is damaged and will not be added back into Inventory.

Which Accounting Preference needs to be enabled to process the Return Authorization?


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