MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam C100DBA Exam Questions

MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam C100DBA Exam Questions

To be a MongoDB certified, you’re achieving the same level of expertise that we require our own administrators to attain. C100DBA exam questions have been released online to help candidates prepare for MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam (Based on MongoDB 4.4) exam well. The latest C100DBA exam questions from ITExamShop are the best in the whole market, which are valid for passing MongoDB DBA Associate exam. No need others to do, just read C100DBA exam questions with the easy pdf file and free software engine. We ensure that you can complete MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam in the first attempt.

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1. Which features of relational database management systems were deliberately omitted in MongoDB and help us to obtain horizontal scalability? Check all that apply.

2. The following aggregation option is used to specify the specific fields that needs to be passed to the next stage of the aggregation pipeline:

3. In a collection that contains 100 post documents, what does the following command do? db. posts. find().skip(5).limit(5)


What tool do you use to see if you have a problem in the consumption of disk I / 0?

5. Which of the following is supported by MongoDB?

6. The MongoDB explain() method does not support which of the following verbosity mode:

7. Consider a collection posts which has fields: Jd, post_text, post_author, post_timestamp, post_tags etc.

Which of the following query retrieves ONLY the key named post_text from the first document retrieved?

8. In a sharded replica set environment, the w Option provides ability for write concern and j Option provides ability for the data to be written on disk journal. Consider that we have a seven member replica set and we want to assure that the writes are committed to journal.

What should be the value of j?

9. Aggregation Pipelines have a limit of:

10. What is the maximum size of a MongoDB document?


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