Looker LookML Developer Exam Real LookML-Developer Exam Questions

Looker LookML Developer Exam Real LookML-Developer Exam Questions

Why so many candidates are planning for Looker LookML Developer Exam to be LookML Developers? LookML Developers requirements, creating LookML objects, and maintaining LookML project health. However, passing LookML-Developer exam to be LookML Developers is not an easy task, so we released real LookML-Developer Exam Questions to be your best preparation materials for Looker LookML Developer Exam. Actual and real LookML-Developer Exam Questions provided by ITExamShop with 50 practice questions and answers ensure that you can test actual LookML-Developer Exam Questions to pass Looker LookML Developer Exam in the first attempt.

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1. A developer defines the following measure in the order_items view:

The code must validate without errors.

Which action should thedeveloper take?

2. Users must be able to click on the Country field in their Explore and be redirected to another Explore that shows all countries compared.

Which parameter should be added to the country dimension to create a connection to this other associated Explore?

3. A developer creates a derived table and wants to add persistence to it. Because the table is not used on a frequent basis, the developer wants thetable to be cached for 12 hours, but only when a user has queried it.

Which persistence parameter should be added to the derived table’s definition in order to satisfy this use case?

4. A user is seeing an error in the Explore that indicates the primary key defined for a one- million-row table is not unique.

How can the developer use SQL Runner to troubleshoot quickly?

5. A user reports that, when a date dimension is filtered to “before now” results are returned that consistently include tomorrow. Dimension fill has been ruled out as a cause of the issue.

Which LookML parameter should be used to resolve this issue?

6. A user needs to create a report that shows a count of all orders and of orders over $100.

Which solution should the developer implement to meet these requirements?


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