Latest SPLK-2003 Practice Test [2022] With Great SPLK-2003 Questions and Answers

Latest SPLK-2003 Practice Test [2022] With Great SPLK-2003 Questions and Answers

You can choose to pass the SPLK-2003 exam successfully to earn the Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer certification, earning this certification will help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in installing and configuring a SOAR server and integrating it with Splunk, as well as planning, designing, creating, and debugging playbooks. The latest SPLK-2003 practice test from ITExamShop will give you great SPLK-2003 questions and answers, which will make your Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer Exam preparation easier. Choose ITExamShop to achieve success in the actual SPLK-2003 Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer Exam today.

Below are the SPLK-2003 free demo questions, please read carefully to find the great SPLK-2003 exam questions:

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1. Which of the following are the steps required to complete a full backup of a Splunk Phantom deployment' Assume the commands are executed from /opt/phantom/bin and that no other backups have been made.

2. Splunk user account(s) with which roles must be created to configure Phantom with an external Splunk Enterprise instance?

3. After enabling multi-tenancy, which of the Mowing is the first configuration step?

4. Some of the playbooks on the Phantom server should only be executed by members of the admin role.

How can this rule be applied?

5. A user has written a playbook that calls three other playbooks, one after the other. The user notices that the second playbook starts executing before the first one completes.

What is the cause of this behavior?

6. On a multi-tenant Phantom server, what is the default tenant's ID?

7. A customer wants to design a modular and reusable set of playbooks that all communicate with each other.

Which of the following is a best practice for data sharing across playbooks?


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