Latest DES-4122 Practice Test [2022] – Prepare For Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Exam Well

Latest DES-4122 Practice Test [2022] – Prepare For Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Exam Well

You can pass the DES-4122 exam to earn Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Version 2.0 certification smoothly if you prepare for your DELL EMC DES-4122 exam with the latest DES-4122 practice test of ITExamShop. Based on the new DELL EMC DES-4122 exam topics and objectives, we have collected the most updated and the latest DES-4122 exam questions and answers to make sure that you can read them easily and understand all contents before attending the real DES-4122 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Exam. In one word, you can use the ITExamShop DELL EMC DES-4122 practice test to ensure an efficient and smooth learning process.

Before Getting The Latest DES-4122 Practice Test, You Can Read DES-4122 Free Exam Questions Below

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1. A technician is creating a virtual disk in the iDRAC (2x 4 TB NL-SAS in RAID 1) to install Windows 2016 They manually boot to the OS installation media without using the Lifecycle Controller OS Deployment wizard Only the first 2048 GB on the virtual disk can be partitioned

How should the technician obtain access to the remaining 2 TB (approximately) of storage?

2. Which type of access is known as Firmware RACADM on a Dell EMC PowerEdge server?

3. What are the default settings used when applying firmware and a configuration to a replaced part using the Lifecycle Controller?


What is the correct order of steps taken during the BIOS/UEFI Recovery process?

5. What is a characteristic of SupportAssist Enterprise on Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers?

6. An engineer wants to fully leverage Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for TPM-based guarded host deployment of a 14G server.

Which BIOS settings need to be used for installing the Windows server?





7. Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers support which technology?


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