Latest DELL EMC Certification DES-6322 Practice Exam With Updated Questions

Latest DELL EMC Certification DES-6322 Practice Exam With Updated Questions

DELL EMC Certification DES-6322 practice exam have been updated by ITExamShop professional team with the latest DES-6322 exam questions and answers. To prepare for the DES-6322 Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam with the most updated DELL EMC DES-6322 practice exam will be a good method for passing DES-6322 exam to achieve Specialist –Implementation Engineer, VxRail Version 2.0 certification. Updated DES-6322 exam questions and answers cover the entire Specialist – Implementation Engineer-VxRail Exam DES-6322 content so that you do can get fully prepare of DELL EMC DES-6322 exam.

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What is the correct sequence of steps to perform a RASR Factory Reset using an SD card?

2. An implementation engineer is performing a precheck on a VxRail cluster before expansion. During validation, they find out that the host is not compatible.

Use the VxRail simulator to describe why the host is Incompatible.

Note: It is necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.

3. Which two files are used to automate VxRail deployment and validate the network configuration?

4. What data protection option is included with VxRail?

5. An implementation engineer is reviewing the customer requirements for a VxRail implementation. The customer has specified noncontiguous hostnames and IP addresses

What option should the engineer select in the VxRail Deployment Wizard to input the hostnames and IP addresses?

6. A planned VxRail Stretched Cluster will have four All-Flash nodes at each site

What is the recommended storage policy to ensure cross-site and local protection, using storage as efficiently as possible?

7. A company needs to enable vSphere GPU capabilities on their VxRail cluster. To do so, they need to purchase a specific entitlement.

What licensing satisfies this requirement?

8. When preparing to generate an As-Built Configuration Report, it is determined that the VxRail Configuration JSON file was not saved from the Deployment Wizard .

What actions must be taken to retrieve the JSON file?

9. An implementation engineer is tasked with setting up RecoverPoint for VMs on a new 4-node E Series VxRail duster How many VMs are licensed to be protected on the cluster?

10. During the activation of Internal SRS, the implementation engineer receives a message that the deployment has failed

What is a possible cause?


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