Latest CompTIA CySA+ Study Guide CS0-002 Exam Questions

Latest CompTIA CySA+ Study Guide CS0-002 Exam Questions

It is a good chance to prepare for CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification Exam well with the latest CompTIA CySA+ study guide. Real CS0-002 exam questions with the precise answers provided by ITExamShop should be the greatest study guide to ensure that you master all the exam questions and pass real CompTIA CySA+ exam successfully. With ITExamShop CS0-002 exam questions, you can start at learning actual Q&As, once fail, we will refund the full money. Additionally, you can check CompTIA CySA+ CS0-002 free exam questions as demo to check the latest study guide.

Below Are The CS0-002 Free Questions, You Can Test By Yourself

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1. A security analyst needs to obtain the footprint of the network.

The footprint must identify the following information;

• TCP and UDP services running on a targeted system

• Types of operating systems and versions

• Specific applications and versions

Which of the following tools should the analyst use to obtain the data?

2. A security analyst is investigating an incident that appears to have started with SOL injection against a publicly available web application.

Which of the following is the FIRST step the analyst should take to prevent future attacks?

3. A malicious artifact was collected during an incident response procedure. A security analyst is unable to run it in a sandbox to understand its features and method of operation.

Which of the following procedures is the BEST approach to perform a further analysis of the malware's capabilities?

4. A company just chose a global software company based in Europe to implement a new supply chain management solution.

Which of the following would be the MAIN concern of the company?

5. A security analyst needs to perform a search for connections with a suspicious IP on the network traffic. The company collects full packet captures at the Internet gateway and retains them for one week.

Which of the following will enable the analyst to obtain the BEST results?

6. The help desk noticed a security analyst that emails from a new email server are not being sent out. The new email server was recently added to the existing ones.

The analyst runs the following command on the new server.

Given the output, which of the following should the security analyst check NEXT?

7. The SOC has received reports of slowness across all workstation network segments. The currently installed antivirus has not detected anything, but a different anti-malware product was just downloaded

and has revealed a worm is spreading

Which of the following should be the NEXT step in this incident response?

8. The inability to do remote updates of certificates. keys software and firmware is a security issue commonly associated with:


You are a cybersecurity analyst tasked with interpreting scan data from Company A's servers. You must verify the requirements are being met for all of the servers and recommend changes if you find they are not.

The company's hardening guidelines indicate the following:

• TLS 1.2 is the only version of TLS running.

• Apache 2.4.18 or greater should be used.

• Only default ports should be used.


Using the supplied data, record the status of compliance with the company's guidelines for each server.

The question contains two parts: make sure you complete Part 1 and Part 2. Make recommendations for issues based ONLY on the hardening guidelines provided.

10. An analyst is reviewing the following code output of a vulnerability scan:

if (search name ! = null )



employee <%search names%> not found


Which of the following types of vulnerabilities does this MOST likely represent?


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