Latest AD0-E312 Exam Questions For Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert

Latest AD0-E312 Exam Questions For Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert

Latest AD0-E312 exam questions are great to help you achieve the Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert certified successfully. Every candidate knows that AD0-E312 exam is the requirement of Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert certification. According to the Adobe Certified Expert AD0-E312 exam objectives and scopes, ITExamShop experts provide the high-coverage test questions to make the candidates be familiar with the actual exam. Adobe certification AD0-E312 practice questions will be shared in pdf format and free software. We ensure that you can pass AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert exam. If you do not pass, we will give the money back as rule.

First, you can read AD0-E312 free questions below to find that latest exam questions are valid.

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1. An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer needs to decide on the best approach to integrate with an external recipient table from a SQL Server database. The solution needs to be able to do a daily data sync of the newly detected recipient records into the Adobe Campaign database and append additional data fields.

The IT department of the external database is able to provide the database connection details but does not have enough capacity to implement any other custom processing solution.

Which integration option should the Developer choose for this scenario?

2. A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records are available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.

A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.

How should the Campaign developer perform this task?

3. Which of the following is a server command?

4. In which activities can a Campaign developer set the segment code?

5. A customer has a requirement to create a web form that collects and stores unauthenticated users' email, first name, last name, and color preferences to an Adobe Campaign Classic database.

The users are identified using a double opt in process only.

What kind of structure should be used to save data coming from the web form?

6. What is the primary benefit of utilizing a platform option?

7. A Campaign developer wants to utilize the standard directory structure in Adobe Campaign as much as possible.

Where should the Campaign developer create a sub-folder for workflows importing data to the recipient schema?

8. A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.

Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?

9. An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer has a report from a third party about a push notification. A record must be added to the broadLogRcp inside Adobe Campaign Classic .

Which code should be written to meet this requirement?

10. A Campaign instance is configured with every module installed. When creating a custom Target mapping for this instance, the 'Extensions' window allows additional schemas to be generated.

Which two optional modules allow additional schemas to be generated? (Choose 2)


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