Latest 350-201 Questions Help You Pass The Core Exam OF Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional Certification

Latest 350-201 Questions Help You Pass The Core Exam OF Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional Certification

Individuals who are planning for Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional Certification are required to pass the core exam 350-201 Performing CyberOps Using Core Security Technologies (CBRCOR) and the concentration exam 300-215 Conducting Forensic Analysis and Incident Response Using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps (CBRFIR). Good news for all individuals, the latest 350-201 questions have been released online to help you pass the core exam successfully. 350-201 exam questions from ITExamShop contain the real questions with the accurate answers. Individuals who choose this study guide online can read the Q&As to prepare for Cisco 350-201 CBRCOR exam well. Also, we have the valid 300-215 CBRFIR practice exam as your preparation materials. You can choose the CyberOps Professional Bundle (350-201&300-215) to learn both the two exam.

Here we will share the Cisco CyberOps Professional 350-201 free questions for checking first.

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1. Which bash command will print all lines from the “colors.txt” file containing the non case-sensitive pattern “Yellow”?

2. An engineer is moving data from NAS servers in different departments to a combined storage database so that the data can be accessed and analyzed by the organization on-demand .

Which data management process is being used?

3. A security manager received an email from an anomaly detection service, that one of their contractors has downloaded 50 documents from the company’s confidential document management folder using a company- owned asset al039-ice-4ce687TL0500. A security manager reviewed the content of downloaded documents and noticed that the data affected is from different departments .

What are the actions a security manager should take?

4. A security analyst receives an escalation regarding an unidentified connection on the Accounting A1 server within a monitored zone. The analyst pulls the logs and discovers that a Powershell process and a WMI tool process were started on the server after the connection was established and that a PE format file was created in the system directory .

What is the next step the analyst should take?


An organization lost connectivity to critical servers, and users cannot access business applications and internal websites. An engineer checks the network devices to investigate the outage and determines that all devices are functioning.

Drag and drop the steps from the left into the sequence on the right to continue investigating this issue. Not all options are used.

6. Refer to the exhibit.

Two types of clients are accessing the front ends and the core database that manages transactions, access control, and atomicity .

What is the threat model for the SQL database?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer must tune the Cisco IOS device to mitigate an attack that is broadcasting a large number of ICMP packets. The attack is sending the victim’s spoofed source IP to a network using an IP broadcast address that causes devices in the network to respond back to the source IP address .

Which action does the engineer recommend?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Where is the MIME type that should be followed indicated?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection installed on an end-user desktop automatically submitted a low prevalence file to the Threat Grid analysis engine .

What should be concluded from this report?

10. An engineer implemented a SOAR workflow to detect and respond to incorrect login attempts and anomalous user behavior. Since the implementation, the security team has received dozens of false positive alerts and negative feedback from system administrators and privileged users. Several legitimate users were tagged as a threat and their accounts blocked, or credentials reset because of unexpected login times and incorrectly typed credentials .

How should the workflow be improved to resolve these issues?


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