JumpCloud Core Certification Exam JumpCloud-Core Test Preparation Materials

JumpCloud Core Certification Exam JumpCloud-Core Test Preparation Materials

JumpCloud Core certification is hot, which validates the strong foundational knowledge needed to execute standard implementation, configurations, and daily operations across the JumpCloud platform. Pass JumpCloud-Core exam to be a certified now, ITExamShop have the actual JumpCloud-Core test questions as your preparation materials. There are 68 practice exam questions with actual answers in pdf file, which could be the best certification materials for ensuring that you can pass JumpCloud Core Certification Exam.

Read JumpCloud-Core free questions below to check the quality of JumpCloud-Core Test Preparation Materials

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1. What field(s) will you enter to securely connect your wireless access point to JumpCloud’s RADIUS server(s)? Select all that apply.

2. The following resources allow you to grant user access on an individual user basis AND on a group basis. Select all that apply.

3. What status will a user be in if they have been added or imported to JumpCloud but their password has not been set? Select the correct answer.

4. What requirements will you need to configure an application or resources on the LDAP endpoint? Select all that apply.

5. If you unbind, delete, or suspend a user in JumpCloud, the following happens in each resource. Match

the action to the correct behavior.

6. MFA via TOTP can be used to secure the following resources. Select all that apply.

7. Can you require MFA to log into the Admin portal? Select the correct answer.

8. In order to provision access to a RADIUS server, a user must be associated to a user group that’s bound to RADIUS.

9. What encryption protocols does JumpCloud support for VPN RADIUS servers with MFA enabled? Select all that apply.

10. System groups allow you to ______. Select all that apply.


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