Hot Business Analysis Certification CBAP Exam Questions

Hot Business Analysis Certification CBAP Exam Questions

Certified Business Analysis Professional CBAP certification exam is a hot business analysis certification which demonstrates you have the knowledge, competencies and experience as a highly effective business analysis professional. We have good CBAP exam questions online for ensuring that you can pass CBAP certification exam in the first attempt. IIBA Certification CBAP practice exam provide real CBAP exam questions with accurate answers, you can read the IIBA CBAP exam questions and answers with PDF file. Get the real CBAP exam questions to complete Certified Business Analysis Professional certification exam now.

Also, we have CBAP free exam questions to help you check the details first.

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1. A business analyst (BA) works for an organization that is moving from a waterfall methodology to an agile approach. This causes new challenges and opportunities for the BA.

Which business analysis planning and monitoring element is most impacted by the organization's change?

2. A company with a big information technology (IT) department has hired a lead business analyst (BA) to enhance its business analysis practices. The lead BA discovers that sponsors are not satisfied with project outcomes. Developers complain about incomplete, ambiguous, and changing requirements. All stakeholders, including project managers, are blaming long cycles of analysis for the delays. The business analysts, in turn, feel overwhelmed with the number of projects and frustrated by the lack of collaboration from reviewers of their deliverables. All of the evidence is anecdotal and none of the groups could strongly substantiate their opinions.

Even after dozens of reviews, some stakeholders refuse to sign off on the requirements specification documents because of a few questionable requirements. This puts the projects at risk and creates tension between the participants .

What should the lead BA do first?

3. Your organization is using a plan-driven approach to business analysis.

What characteristic must be true of changes in the approach that your organization is using?

4. Which of the following charts is described in the statement below?

"It shows the causes of a certain event. A common use of this diagram is to identify potential factors causing an overall effect. It helps identify causal factors and contributing causes."

5. Which of the following defines the deliverable the customer is expecting?

6. During the testing phase, a new requirement surfaced and the stakeholder asked the developer to modify the code without informing the Business analyst (BA). The BA became aware of the new functionality after a defect was raised against another component of the design.

The BA can keep this situation from occurring in the future by creating a:

7. You are the business analyst for your organization and are preparing for the conduct elicitation activities. You'll have six inputs as you prepare for this activity.

Which one of the following is not a valid input for the requirements elicitation activity?

8. A business analyst (BA) is responsible for analyzing the effectiveness of a railway ticket booting system. The BA prepared a report based on observations of the booking clerk over two days (Monday and Wednesday). According to the information gathered, the booking clerk is underutilized and spends a lot of die time waiting for customers .

What should the BA do next?

9. You are the business analyst for your organization and are planning the business analysis approach. One of the techniques you are considering for this undertaking is to rate the available methodologies against the organizational needs and objectives.

Which of the following terms describes the business analysis technique that you are currently considering in this scenario?

10. A business analyst (BA) is preparing for observation. A passive approach has been selected for establishing performance metrics .

What should be identic for the next step?


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