HCIP-Storage V5.0 Certification Exam H13-624 Test Questions Are Online

HCIP-Storage V5.0 Certification Exam H13-624 Test Questions Are Online

The current version of HCIP-Storage certification is V5.0, which is the latest version available online. With HCIP-Storage V5.0 certification, you will understand and master the knowledge of Huawei storage technology, H13-624 test questions are based on the exam knowledge points and outlines, which provide real exam questions with the actual answers to ensure that you can pass HCIP-Storage V5.0 certification H13-624 exam in the first attempt.

Check HCIP-Storage V5.0 certification H13-624 free questions online first.

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1. Huawei's converged storage has the function of parallel fast data reconstruction. Data fragments are broken up in the resource pool. After a hard disk fails, it can be automatically rebuilt in parallel within the full resource pool. Only the actual data is rebuilt without a separate hot spare disk.

2. In RAID2.0+ technology, what is the default size in MB of the CHUNK segmented from SAS hard disks?

3. Huawei's hyper-converged storage uses the structure of distributed storage logic. Which of the following is the function of the OSD module?

4. Company A plans to adopt hyper-convergence to realize the rapidly changing information needs of the enterprise. Which of the following items are the architectural features of hyper-convergence?

5. Huawei hybrid flash storage adopts the structure of RAID 2.0+ software architecture, which realizes the virtualization of the underlying media and the virtualization of the upper-level resources, and at the same time solves the problem of rapid data reconstruction and intelligent allocation of resources.

6. A multinational company has a huge business, with customer business data scattered in multiple locations, and the distance between locations is greater than 1000 km. The company hopes to centrally manage the backup data of each site, so that users can analyze and mine all data without affecting normal business, and any business site suffers a disaster, the company can take over the business and perform data recovery.

In this case, which disaster recovery backup solution the enterprise should choose?

7. A company has a variety of services such as database applications, OLTP applications, mail service applications, and Web server applications. In which of the following service scenarios does the SmartCache feature not significantly improve performance?

8. The HyperLock (WORM) feature of Huawei Storage allows the file to write data only once, cannot be written repeatedly, and is not allowed to be modified, deleted, or renamed.

9. A company purchased a set of Huawei distributed storage and used QoS flow control technology to control the user's I/O when deploying block services. Which mechanism can be used to manage the I/O queue?

10. The QoS characteristics of the object service, for applications with different priorities, different buckets can be configured, and the TPS of the buckets and the allocation of bandwidth resources can be controlled through QoS; different QoS policies can be configured for VIP tenants and ordinary tenants in the same system to ensure the quality of service for high-priority tenants.


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