HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 Certification H12-521_V1.0 Exam Questions

HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 Certification H12-521_V1.0 Exam Questions

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1. If the engineer forgets to enable the " Bayonet Data Storage " and " Metadata Subscription " functions on the HoloSens iClient when configuring the front-end intelligent functions of a certain vehicle recognition camera.

So what are the consequences?

2. Which of the following types of data cannot be used when the intelligent vision drier performs the intelligent analysis task of face detection?

3. Software-defined camera SDC "defines security cameras in the intelligent era with professional Al cores, open operating systems, and rich ecosystems."

4. When configuring the bayonet camera, the smart properties of the bayonet camera configured on the platform must be consistent with the actual smart properties of the camera.

The reason is:

5. The video big data system can aggregate and store all kinds of video data (vehicles, faces, portraits, etc.) and perform standardized processing.

6. IVS3800 complete installation scenario, the server shipped to the site has completed the installation of Host os CSP and IVS applications.

7. When checking the power supply of the camera, for the ball camera without power supply instructions, you can judge whether the power supply of the camera is normal by checking whether it can automatically rotate after power-on.

8. After the camera performs the restoration of the default configuration, all the parameters except () are restored to the factory configuration, which should be used with caution. (Multiple choice)

9. When light-edge networking, management TOR and business TOR need to be stacked networking.

10. Manual zoom camera, you can adjust the N-F knob to (), adjust a T knob to ().


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