Get Updated 5V0-22.21 Exam Questions To Prepare For VMware vSAN Specialist Exam Well

Get Updated 5V0-22.21 Exam Questions To Prepare For VMware vSAN Specialist Exam Well

You will be recommended to get the most updated 5V0-22.21 exam questions to prepare for the VMware vSAN Specialist exam well and achieve success in VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 certification. The updated 5V0-22.21 exam questions with the correct answers have been made by ITExamShop that clearly mentions everything needed to Pass the 5V0-22.21 VMware vSAN Specialist Exam. ITExamShop VMware 5V0-22.21 exam questions can be for sure helpful for the candidate to get through and prosper.

VMware vSAN Specialist Exam 5V0-22.21 Free Demo Questions Are Available For Reading

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1. Which state is NOT a compliance status of a VM Storage Policy?

2. An organization wants to configure a new storage policy based on the following requirements:

✑ Failures to tolerate = FTT 1/RAID-5 (Erasure Coding)

✑ Number of disk stripes per object = 8

✑ IOPS limit for object = 0

✑ Object Space Reservation = Thin provisioning

✑ Flash read cache reservation = 0%

✑ Disable object checksum = No

✑ Force provisioning = No

The administrator creates the policy using storage policy based management and assigns it to a 100GB virtual machine on a 4-node vSAN cluster to test the results of the new storage policy.

How many components will be created per host for the storage objects of the virtual machine on the vSAN datastore?

3. The objects on a 4-node vSAN cluster are assigned a RAID-5 policy. A network outage occurs, causing host one to lose connectivity with the rest of the cluster. Seventy-five minutes have elapsed.

What is the health state of the objects?

4. A new host with local storage devices has been added to a vSAN cluster. Now, the administrator would like to increase the capacity of the vSAN datastore.

What must be done to the new host to accomplish this goal?

5. Which tool should be used to identify vSAN unassociated objects?

6. A newly deployed vSAN cluster runs vSAN 7.0, and the vSAN cluster needs an integration with a third-party software solution. The software solution provides full app-level redundancy, and it runs on the vSAN Data Persistence platform.

The administrator configures vSAN Direct Configuration to integrate the third-party storage with vSAN and now needs to configure a storage policy to make sure the vSAN Direct storage is used by the vSAN Data Persistence platform third-party software solution.

Which type of storage policy configuration should the administrator use?

7. The DevOps team of an organization wants to deploy their new cloud native application with persistent storage on a dedicated vSAN cluster. The storage administrator is tasked to configure the vSAN cluster and leverage the vSAN Direct feature.

Which two requirements must the administrator meet to complete this task? (Choose two.)

8. A vSAN administrator is using the vSAN ReadyNode Sizer to build a new environment. While entering the cluster configurations, a fellow colleagues inquire about the Operations Reserve option.

What is the purpose of using this option?

9. A business unit requires proprietary data to be protected against a site failure while using the least amount of storage and the least amount of nodes. AN administrator plans to implement a vSAN Stretched Cluster with a RAID-5 policy.

What is the minimum number of data nodes across all sites in this vSAN Stretched Cluster configuration?


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