Encourage To Read AZ-303 Free Questions Before Getting Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Questions

Encourage To Read AZ-303 Free Questions Before Getting Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Questions

Getting Microsoft AZ-303 exam questions is the great way to prepare for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification, and it will be guaranteed that you can pass Microsoft AZ-303 exam successfully. It is encouraged to read Microsoft AZ-303 free questions before getting Microsoft AZ-303 exam questions. AZ-303 free questions are parts of real AZ-303 exam questions. Reading AZ-303 exam questions below is the most direct way to check the quality of Microsoft AZ-303 exam questions.

Microsoft AZ-303 Free Questions Are Below For Reading Online

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1. Topic 1, Contoso, Ltd


Contoso, Ltd. is a manufacturing company that has offices worldwide. Contoso works with partner organizations to bring products to market.

Contoso products are manufactured by using blueprint files that the company authors and maintains.

Existing Environment

Currently, Contoso uses multiple types of servers for business operations, including the following:

✑ File servers

✑ Domain controllers

✑ Microsoft SQL Server servers

Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. All servers and client computers are joined to Active Directory.

You have a public-facing application named App1.

App1 is comprised of the following three tiers:

✑ A SQL database

✑ A web front end

✑ A processing middle tier

Each tier is comprised of five virtual machines. Users access the web front end by using HTTPS only.


Planned Changes

Contoso plans to implement the following changes to the infrastructure:

✑ Move all the tiers of App1 to Azure.

✑ Move the existing product blueprint files to Azure Blob storage.

✑ Create a hybrid directory to support an upcoming Microsoft Office 365 migration project.

Technical Requirements

Contoso must meet the following technical requirements:

✑ Move all the virtual machines for App1 to Azure.

✑ Minimize the number of open ports between the App1 tiers.

✑ Ensure that all the virtual machines for App1 are protected by backups.

✑ Copy the blueprint files to Azure over the Internet.

✑ Ensure that the blueprint files are stored in the archive storage tier.

✑ Ensure that partner access to the blueprint files is secured and temporary.

✑ Prevent user passwords or hashes of passwords from being stored in Azure.

✑ Use unmanaged standard storage for the hard disks of the virtual machines.

✑ Ensure that when users join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), the users use a mobile phone to verify their identity.

Minimize administrative effort whenever possible.

User Requirements

Contoso identifies the following requirements for users:

Ensure that only users who are part of a group named Pilot can join devices to Azure AD.

Designate a new user named Admin1 as the service administrator of the Azure subscription.

Ensure that a new user named User3 can create network objects for the Azure subscription.

You need to implement a backup solution for App1 after the application is moved.

What should you create first?

2. You need to recommend an identify solution that meets the technical requirements.

What should you recommend?

3. You need to move the blueprint files to Azure.

What should you do?


You need to configure the Device settings to meet the technical requirements and the user requirements.

Which two settings should you modify? To answer, select the appropriate settings in the answer area.


You need to recommend a solution for App1. The solution must meet the technical requirements .

What should you include in the recommendation? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You need to identify the storage requirements for Contoso.

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

7. You need to meet the user requirement for Admin1.

What should you do?

8. You are planning the move of App1 to Azure.

You create a network security group (NSG).

You need to recommend a solution to provide users with access to App1.

What should you recommend?

9. Topic 2, Misc. Questions

You have Azure virtual machines deployed to three Azure regions. Each region contains a single virtual network that has four virtual machines on the same subnet. Each virtual machine runs an application named App1. App1 is accessible by using HTTPS. Currently, the virtual machines are inaccessible from the internet.

You need to use Azure Front Door to load balance requests for App1 across all the virtual machines.

Which additional Azure service should you provision?

10. You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure Sentinel workspace. Sentinel is configured to monitor several Azure resources.

You need to send notification emails to resource owners when alerts or recommendations are generated for a resource.

What should you use?


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