DP-100 Updated Questions For Clearing Microsoft DP-100 Exam Smoothly

DP-100 Updated Questions For Clearing Microsoft DP-100 Exam Smoothly

The most effective DP-100 exam questions have been updated by the top professionals who have full experience in Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure exam. The Microsoft DP-100 updated questions will ensure candidates to clear Microsoft DP-100 exam smoothly. At ITExamShop, you can download DP-100 updated questions and verified answers in pdf for reading on your PC, Phone and Mac whenever and wherever.

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1. You are developing a data science workspace that uses an Azure Machine Learning service.

You need to select a compute target to deploy the workspace.

What should you use?

2. You develop and train a machine learning model to predict fraudulent transactions for a hotel booking website.

Traffic to the site varies considerably. The site experiences heavy traffic on Monday and Friday and much lower traffic on other days. Holidays are also high web traffic days. You need to deploy the model as an Azure Machine Learning real-time web service endpoint on compute that can dynamically scale up and down to support demand .

Which deployment compute option should you use?

3. You create a datastore named training_data that references a blob container in an Azure Storage account. The blob container contains a folder named csv_files in which multiple comma-separated values (CSV) files are stored.

You have a script named train.py in a local folder named ./script that you plan to run as an experiment using an estimator.

The script includes the following code to read data from the csv_files folder:

You have the following script.

You need to configure the estimator for the experiment so that the script can read the data from a data reference named data_ref that references the csv_files folder in the training_data datastore.

Which code should you use to configure the estimator?






4. You create and register a model in an Azure Machine Learning workspace.

You must use the Azure Machine Learning SDK to implement a batch inference pipeline that uses a ParallelRunStep to score input data using the model. You must specify a value for the ParallelRunConfig compute_target setting of the pipeline step.

You need to create the compute target.

Which class should you use?


You create an Azure Machine Learning compute target named ComputeOne by using the STANDARD_D1 virtual machine image.

You define a Python variable named was that references the Azure Machine Learning workspace.

You run the following Python code:

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You are producing a multiple linear regression model in Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Several independent variables are highly correlated.

You need to select appropriate methods for conducting effective feature engineering on all the data.

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

7. You need to select a feature extraction method.

Which method should you use?

8. You are a data scientist working for a bank and have used Azure ML to train and register a machine learning model that predicts whether a customer is likely to repay a loan.

You want to understand how your model is making selections and must be sure that the model does not violate government regulations such as denying loans based on where an applicant lives.

You need to determine the extent to which each feature in the customer data is influencing predictions.

What should you do?

9. You use Azure Machine Learning Studio to build a machine learning experiment.

You need to divide data into two distinct datasets.

Which module should you use?

10. You use the Azure Machine Learning service to create a tabular dataset named training.data. You plan to use this dataset in a training script.

You create a variable that references the dataset using the following code:

training_ds = workspace.datasets.get("training_data")

You define an estimator to run the script.

You need to set the correct property of the estimator to ensure that your script can access the training.data dataset

Which property should you set?


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