Download H12-311 Questions PDF To Prepare HCIA-WLAN Certification Exam

Download H12-311 Questions PDF To Prepare HCIA-WLAN Certification Exam

H12-311 exam is the associate exam for Huawei WLAN certification, which can be prepared well by reading H12-311 exam questions of ITExamShop. H12-311 exam questions of ITExamShop are created as outlined by the demand on the HCIA-WLAN exam so the candidates can get the most beneficial help by means of the H12-311 questions pdf file of ITExamShop, which can be effortlessly downloaded within a PDF design and saved dollars in your H12-311 exam preparation.

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1. AWLAN that deploys Wi-Fi 6 products delivers a higher speed than that with Wi-Fi 5 products deployed.

2. An office houses 150 2.4 GHz users with a user concurrency rate of 60%. It is required that the bandwidth per capita be 2 Mbps on the downlink) and 1 Mbps on the uplink).

Assuming that 20 users are connected to each AP and interference is not taken into account, at least how many APs must be deployed to meet capacity requirements?

3. The source IP address is mandatory to an AC's establishment of CAPWAP tunnels with APs.

How many source IP addresses can be assigned to an AC?

4. Which of the following statements about carriers is false?

5. To quickly identify the AC on which a STA goes online, an AC saves the online status of all ACS and STAs in the mobility group.

6. In direct forwarding mode, user data packets are encapsulated in a CAPWAP tunnel and then forwarded by the AC to the upper layer network.

7. Huawei AC6508 can manage a maximum of 2048 APs, and is applicable to medium- and large-sized enterprises.

8. 1.The channel utilization reflects the traffic volume of the air interface. A high channel utilization indicates a large service volume on an AP.

9. If an SSID is incorrectly configured, STAs may not discover the target Wi-Fi.

How do I modify the SSID to enable STAs to discover the target Wi- Fi?

10. WLAN technology uses radio waves to transmit information over the air and uses the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. The 5 GHz frequency band here refers to Fifth Generation (5G) technology.


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