Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions ASD01 Updated Exam Questions Assure Your Success

Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions ASD01 Updated Exam Questions Assure Your Success

As a high quality certification of Blue Prism, Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions ASD01 exam mainly tests your understanding and appreciation of scalable, secure and efficient Blue Prism process solution design techniques and principles. ASD01 updated exam questions provided by ITExamShop contain 27 real questions and answers, which should be the best online resource for preparing the Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions exam well. Updated Blue Prism AS01 exam questions of ITExamShop can be download as pdf file to learn the actual questions and answers well. Come to ITExamShop to get the pdf file to make sure you can get the success in ASD01 Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions exam.

Before Getting Updated ASD01 Exam Questions, You Should Read ASD01 Free Questions For Checking:

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1. The following Object Design has been created for a mainframe banking application.

Which of the following statements about the Object design above are correct? (Choose two.)

2. MedBank have recently introduced a new Credit Card platform Cred+. There is a requirement to migrate account and card details from the existing banking platform PCBS on to Cred+.

Account IDs of the cases requiring data transfer will be held on a SQL database.

The requirement is that, for each account ID specified on the SQL database, the following data must be read from the PCBS application and input into the Cred+ application:

- Account ID

- Product Type

- Name

- Address

- Date of Birth

- Card PAN (Primary Account Number or credit card number)

- Card Issue Date

- Card Expiry Date

Once the data has been successfully input into Cred+ the correct record on the SQL database will be updated to indicate data transfer is complete. All work queues will be encrypted, however due to the sensitivity of the data, MedBank insist that a single robot account does not have access to both PCBS and CRED+ systems.

The following high level design has been proposed:

Which of the following statements about the solution design are correct? (Choose two.)

3. Consider the following high-level design. The solution is intended to read medical data from one application in order to update another. An input file is prepared by an overnight batch run for the solution to work through each morning before patients arrive. Usually the input file is fairly small but at certain times each month the file is much larger.

Which of these options should be considered be the process solution designer to guarantee the quality of the end-to-end solution? (Choose four.)


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