DES-1241 DELL EMC Practice Test – Real DES-1241 Exam Questions

DES-1241 DELL EMC Practice Test – Real DES-1241 Exam Questions

DES-1241 exam is a well-known DELL EMC exam, which is for Specialist –PlatformEngineer, PowerStore Version 1.0 certification. It focuses on installing and maintaining PowerStore storage arrays in open systems environments. It covers installation, cabling, maintenance, upgrades and basic troubleshooting. DES-1241 DELL EMC practice test contain real DES-1241 exam questions, covering the exam details and the objectives. We can be sure that the real DES-1241 exam questions of ITExamShop is the best resource to prepare for Specialist – Platform Engineer, PowerStore DES-1241 exam well.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

A Storage Administrator noticed a solid amber LED.

What does this mean?

2. What does the command “svc_journalctl -f -g “st_io_monitor”” do?


Match the base enclosure SAS ports in column A to their corresponding expansion LCC ports in column B; when connecting a PowerStore base enclosure to a single expansion enclosure.

4. What describes Dell EMC PowerStore X power down?

5. A Storage Administrator notices a Critical alert present in Dell EMC PowerStore Manager relating to data integrity.

What action within the alert details slide-out panel is helpful in troubleshooting the problem?

6. Which Dell EMC PowerStore network uses an appliance backplane?

7. Which option is used when running the journalctl command to query log messages regardless of capitalization?

8. What is the maximum number of base enclosures in a cluster when planning a Dell EMC PowerStore T installation?

9. What safety equipment is critical to have on hand to avoid equipment failure before replacing any components in a Dell EMC PowerStore array?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

A Storage Administrator is troubleshooting a Dell EMC PowerStore T hardware issue. They observe that the base enclosure LED circled is blue.

What does this indicate?


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