Dell EMC Unity E20-393 Questions and Answers | 100% Pass Guide Online

Dell EMC Unity E20-393 Questions and Answers | 100% Pass Guide Online

As 100% pass guide online, E20-393 questions and answers are real and valid for Specialist -Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certification. If you have pass DEA-1TT4 Associate -Information Storage and Management Version 4.0 exam, just come to ITExamShop to choose updated Dell EMC Unity E20-393 Questions and Answers to prepare for DELL EMC E20-393 exam well. At ITExamShop, you can get active pdf file and free engine software to read E20-393 questions and answers.

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1. A storage administrator has requested a recommendation on upgrading their VNX5600 to a comparable Unity storage array. The solution requires a maximum capacity of 3.5 PB.

To meet the administrator's requirement without over provisioning the capacity, which Unity Hybrid storage array is recommended?

2. What is the minimum VMware Hypervisor version a server must be running in order to support the deployment of a UnityVSA system?

3. Which feature is supported on a UnityVSA operating environment?

4. A storage administrator is creating a host profile in Unisphere to provide host access to block storage resources using the iSCSI protocol. The host initiators were not automatically discovered and must be manually added.

In addition to the SAN host IQN, what other configuration can be performed through the "Create iSCSI Initiator Wizard" window?

5. A storage administrator is configuring a storage pool on a Unity system containing Flash disks and SAS disks.

What tier will the system assign to each of the disk types?

6. What describes the LUN Snapshot Copy operation?

7. Which technology is used by Unity Snapshots?


What is the correct sequence of steps taken by the storage array when an AC power failure is detected?

9. A system administrator is configuring asynchronous remote replication for an existing NAS server and its' file systems on a Unity system.

What should the administrator create to ensure all data is replicated for the NAS server and the file system?

10. Which Unity feature provides a high bandwidth connection for large file transfers, enables proactive Service Request generation and usage license reporting, and operates on a 24x7 basis?


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