Data Management Fundamentals Certification Exam DMF-1220 Study Guide

Data Management Fundamentals Certification Exam DMF-1220 Study Guide

Candidates need to know when will they take and pass DMF-1220 Data Management Fundamentals certification exam. DAMA International has constructed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. Currently, there are four levels of CDMP certification, including CDMP Associate, CDMP Practitioner, CDMP Master and CDMP Fellow. The Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 exam is required for all certification levels: Associate, Practitioner and Master. Data Management Fundamentals certification exam DMF-1220 study guide are available to ensure that you can pass DMF-1220 exam smoothly.

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1. Improving data quality requires a strategy that accounts for the work that needs to be done and the way people will execute it.

2. A data governance strategy defines the scope and approach to governance efforts. Deliverables include:

3. Data stewardship is the least common label to describe accountability and responsibility for data and processes to ensure effective control and use of data assets.

4. A hacker is a person who finds unknown operations and pathways within complex computer system. Hackers are only bad.

5. Orchestration is the term used to describe how multiple processes are organized and executed in a system.

6. A dimensional physical data model is usually a star schema, meaning there is one structure for each dimension.

7. Many people assume that most data quality issues are caused by data entry errors. A more sophisticated understanding recognizes that gaps in or execution of business and technical processes cause many more problems that mis-keying.

8. Sample value metrics for a data governance program include:

9. RACI is an acronym that is made up of the following terms.

10. SLA Stands for:


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